Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hi again... Such a busy week again. FEW days ago, i just went to places like Eastpoint and TM. lol.. Its like so sianz... every day doing the same thing... Well, This weekend is also very busy...
Here's My SCHEDULE:::::::::~~~~~~~
Friday ---- Red cross training. 2:30PM-6:30...( Ahhhh.. So lO NG).
Saturday----- Morning.. Got time to watch TV, Play
Afternoon, 2:1 5, Must go for SYF. (TO 9PM )( So sianz).

Sunday ---------As usual, watch TV. then go out...(LOL!)

Life is so boring.......................:<>

Anyway, the schedule for july is going to be up sooonnnnn..................:>

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I just updated my blog few minutes ago.. I just realised that 2morrow is School day again.. ( Just woke up..) It's like so fast.. JUst remember to sign ur report book .. Anyway.. I still deciding whether to wear PE/ Uniform 2morrow.... Conclusion: Both.. (Haha.,)Trying to edit more things on blog but I seem to be editing the whole blog/ Tagging it myself for e pass few weeks. Pls. help me tag.. Lots of things to say.. U can mention what u feel abt this blog, Improvements to be made for this blog, additional things to improve. BUT No vulgarities .Chinese and English Language is ACCEPTED in Tagboard. Rmember to tag.. Please...
Thanks alot.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gentle reminder before school reopens...........

1. Reading and vocabulary Evercise( Check dictionary to search for meaning, antonym,synonym,Sentence.)
2. TWO Journal Entries
3. TWO news Review ( Include news too).
4. Reading rites Practice 7 ( INCLUDING SUMMARY).
5. Maths June holiday Homework SECONDARY 2 2006.
6. Chinese homework( DUE ON 30/06/2006) ( ON EDULEARN).

---------- End Of Document ---------( No signature Required).

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006


To everyone:
Anyone who has found the book entitled" Heros Don't run"(Which is a NLB BOOK), pls email me now @ . AND pls kindly return it to me and i will reward you .

Thank you for your grateful help.
如果你找到一本书“Heros Don't run“ , 请还个我。请通知我:
谢谢 您的旁忙

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This year's SC CAMP SONG.. (Everlasting love..)

Camp was fun but torturing on day 3 (P.T.). Day 2 nitewalk was mad.. haha.Lolololo

Friday, June 02, 2006


We will be holding a Meeting on 3RD june 2006, Saturday at Wee Ting's House. We hope your presence for the meeting. It is held at 3 PM to 6PM In the evening.

You need to bring the following :

  1. LEFT & Right Brain ( For thinking and common sense).
  2. Logbook
  3. Proposal, Brochure.(Whatever u need)
  4. Computer

Those who DID NOT TURN UP FOR MORE THAN 3 TIMES, Will do all the printing.(Haha).

-- More will be coming up.


Day of meeting : 3RD june 2006, Saturday

Place : Wee ting's house

TIme: 3PMto 6pm

THings to bring : ( Scroll up to see.)
Punishment for those who DID NOT TURN UP FOR MORE THAN 3 TIMES: Prepared to do all printing .

Singapore Idol.

Ahh... Terence Tay Lost in Singapore Idol... It is quite disappointed.. Because i voted for him and wanted him to win... Haha.. He sang " life is a rollercoaster"!!! Nice and great song.. and u have to sing to e tune/.. Great job,.. nice try. Song below: Life is a rollercoaster.Post by sy yuan .Copyrighted.