Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2 Nights & 3 days of FUN!!

hillo.... I'm back from Camp @ Moe adventure centre. It's located behind e airport.Was damn noisy as there will be flights every 15 mins..Cant stand the nosies made by the flights... Tiffany (3/7) and i were counting e flights and clapping when any flights hover above us. We saw Cathay , Singapore Airlines,Tigerair,Cathay Pacific , Silkair and also jetstar and many more.. We counted the flights that flew above us and the total amounts of Flights were 68 !Mostly were Singapore Airlines and 2 were Jet Star ..

Had lots of fun during e camp!!

1ST Day
On the way/...
*We reached school with our backpacks and it was damn heavy.. Bought a Big Bag with lots of things... Haha.. Briefing at 8:45 am and set off at 9:45 am . We were at first going up hill towards kembangan .. thinking that we were walking towards e right way but it was actually wrong... They are just tricking us!!!! When we walked to the ESSO Petrol station, we made a roundabout and turned back, walking that way back to sch again!!! arrrr... Ms.Chua was just carrying her small bag and we thought that she was going t survive on that small bag for 3 days!!! We chatted on the way and walked to VJC . On the way, we played some games like passing the shoe box.. Nad lost her shoe bag on her way cause they were just throwing her bag around:)..
*Reached underpass @ 11:15PM .. Thought that e camp site was very near but the precision was WRONG!!! Reached food centre @ 12:10 PM... Continued walking, saw SKI 360* and lots of new stuff... Also walked to the rainforest and lots of places... Reached campsite at 1:25 pm...... Arrrhhh.. Was requested to sleep with T8 guys... WE were fine with them and started carrying all e stuff upwards.

At the campsite
*Had lunch .. quite delicious.. Hurried on and went to rockclimbing... Was excited and scared cause i didnt try before... Managed to climb to e top with ENCOURAGEMENTS..
Thanks to Pei yun for encouraging, nad (If im not wrong.. i heard ur voice) for also shouting and some guys... Thanks anyway .. WIthout you, i might not able to climb to the top...
*Went to canteen and waited for Flying Fox. Was fun and climbed to 3rd storey.. Slided down ,sitted on a cushion.. Quite bulky at first but able to balance myself when coming down...
*Next , i went to CDC(Challenge rope course).. 1st station was Climbing upwards and jumping off to grab e pole... Was tough as i need to push myself upwards and balance my self on this small circular trunk... Able to stood up and shot by ms chua.. Touched e pole but unable to hold on to pole.....
* Went to abselling stn and climbed upwards then reached to 4th storey...attached to rope and got downwards , holding on to e rope.. was quite scary at first but managed to pass tis test... Then went Back to CDC And climbed upwards again and got across to e other side about 3m , balancing on the Log without holding anything!! Wanted to fall at first but luckily, no...
* Had some cheers and had dinner..
*Night walk and shower together in e same toliet!!! 2 people, 2 mins shower!!! in the same toliet!
*slept at 11 am

* could not sleep well as nosies made by T8 Boys and woke up cause by din at 4:30 am. Brushed teeth at 5:00 am and slept again till 6:00am.
* Breakfast was nice and get on wif activities
*Spider web
*rift built by us. was taught ealier by instructors and failed to make one...whole thing was damaged on sea..
*lunch was nice and had lunch at this patethic small hut...
* kayarting was fun but tough.. Ting huan and i used all our force to push ourselves to the shore but made a whole circle on sea .. waves were huge and had another time on sea...
* Had bath with our own!
* Camp fire preparation and some games..
* taught orienteering and it was zhou's expert!
*dinner and saw ms cheng coming here..
*camp fire
*Bed time at 11

3rd day
* woke up at 6 am. brushed teeth and packed up..
*Had breakfast at canteen.Quite nice but e MILO SUCKS!
*Toliet cleaning
*sang some songs and missed e instructors!!!
*Bus came and boarded bus
At school.....
*de briefing ..
*Restless and went home at 11:05 am
*Unpack and slept from 12 :45 to 5:40 pm..

...Now blogging...
Realli enjoyed e camp.. Thanks to instructors and ms chua for taking photos .
Learnt ...

Need to go dinner liao.. Will be back in sch 2morrow.. see ya.

A fun and unforgettable camp!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

arrrr... 1hour and 44 mins to MONDAY,29 Jan 07... Arrrr... It's sec 3 camp.. Lookin forward but veri tired.... Anyway, i feel tired liao... Going to sleep liao... Will Post more photos when i come back from camp on weekends... Will be back on Thursday!! Must MISS ME hor....


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Sy Yuan

Saturday, January 27, 2007

hello... I'm here to tell u how we (Jaron and i ) made the crystals.... Firstly, we took sodium copper chloride and mix with 20 cm3 of water.... Then we filter them, heat it and let misture to dissolve to half the volume!! Then we left there to dry and came back 24 hours later that is on friday... At first, we were worried that the crystals wont form 'course we fold the filter papers wrongly... But we are one of the groups who have the most amount of crystals!!!!! haha.... Thanks to mrs chua for also helping us to heat the mixtures... Without her, there wint be so many crystals!!!!! Thanks alot...

The final product is::::

haha... CRYSTALS....

More pictures on below post.

oh yar..... I wanna tell u that i'm not updating my blog from monday,29 jan '07 to wednesday , 31 JAN '07 as i going for sec 3 camp ....When i come back, i will post entry about the camp....

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I dont feel like going to camp but no choice must go.. or else , need to pay Full amount ($75.29) Instead of $60..

Song will be changed tomorrow... and i have changed the arrangement of tagboard, links... everything.... Nicer??? haha... Hope soo....

Sy Yuan
Posting here forever...
27 Jan 07

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello... Just posting here... Need to go dinner liao so i keep my messges short...

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I will tag a post on the crystals that i have formed together with jaron 2morrow...

Here's just a peek of what we get after all the filtration,crystallisation and evaporation ...

This is a contribution of Jaron and i .. Although in the start , we are slower and we failed due to wrong foldings of filter paper, we still form more larger and nicer crystals than other people:)

Sy Yuan
Smile always:)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hello Everyone...
Yesterday was quite a nice and great day... I started to learn geography and it was a little too tough....... We went to science lab yesterday and was instructed to cut a small , tiny part of the lamb's kidney and put on the slide with a drop of Methane .The final ending was like patches of cells and even saw air bubbles.. It was FASCINATING!!! haha... We also did cheek cells and put it under the microscope. We could see e cell membrane!!!Haha.. realli enjoy Bio but the theory was hard! Anyway, busy for the whole weekend!!! Homework!Homework!!!Was so fed-up at homework!!!!!! Arr... havent finish my homework...

Anyway, Going Pop Later to purchase 5 YEAR series...

Sy Yuan

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hello again... TOday, i'm free so i tagged here... Anyway, i started to try to study geography but still could not concentrate.... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... Die liao... must try to concentrate.. Maybe due to excitements of the past holidays then cannot study... arrr....
ANyway, changed song liao... and maybe not free these few day...

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Sy Yuan

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello people... As Told from me that you will expect great today...:)
All Right... I'm going to say now.. but promised that if you see this post, you will tag??
Silence means Yes so i'm just going to take it as a Yes...

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haha..ok.. Today's i 'm going to give a short introduction of teachers of 2007 as i need to rush my A.MATHS Hw. and Have dinner...

Class : 3EXPRESS 7
English -- Mr. Zurk (From MOE.HQ)
Maths - Miss Ang (Head of Mathematics)
A.Maths - Mr Albert Neo(Subject head for mathematics)
Biology - Mdm Zuiliah(Subject head for Science)
Chemistry - Ms. Chua
Physics - Ms. Lim(Head of Science)
Chinese - Miss Chua(Head of CHINESE)
Geography - Miss Fang

Anyway, what i have to say is that you just look at e chers above...
They are all from Head of subjects/ Subject heads... Well, I'm very pleased of the chers but the class is toooo quiet... We are fortunate that our maths has 2 teachers... thank you for the arrangements...

Some teachers are fun.. Eg.Mr.Albert Neo...

Favourite Quotations of Mr. Neo::

  • You don't have to do your homework yourself... You can ask your neighbour, your uncle,aunty,father,mother,sister,brother,your relative to do for you!!
  • I know that you have lots of homework.That one I know because you need to go ikea at tampines lah, after that go Courts Megastore , then go changi airport to eat sakae sushi ,Then your aunty go singapore then you need to go Airport to fetch your aunty and then need to go out for dinner lah...then midnight already...
  • You can take down all your andy lau's poster , rain's poster or whatever poster then you put up your maths formula on the wall.. So when your uncle and aunty come to your house, they will be VERY impressed.
  • Solving mathematics formula..

Eg. -4+/- √(4)2 -4(1)(3)



So he will say square root of four square minus 4 times one times three = 4 (He says very fast)

He says damn fast and it's like so funny and he's so fast and expertive!!

Haha... SO funny!!!

Haha.. I really enjoy his lesson not becuase of his funniness but 'cause of his expertive in maths!!

Posted by Sy Yuan

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14 JAN 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hello people.. I'm just going to tag some notes here... haha.. I'm going to write something interesting about school life 2morrow.. Remember to come back to my web 2morrow.... to check out more...

kk.. need to go out liao... Byee...

have a great day...

Sy Yuan

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sy Yuan signed off now... Read below posts and tag! Shout YOUR IDEAS!!

That's all for today's post. hope 2morrow will be a better day.

Sy Yuan.

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ok.. Anyway, when i come into this class, I actually already had some enemies and also met lots of good friends. Some Past classmates actually became selfish and didnt want to share the knowledges. I think it's because of challenges... Anyway, i dont even a care .

This is something that i experienced. At science lab on 10 January 2007, i actually met some problems on vernier calipers and micrometer screw gauge. However, when i ask XYZ , She not only dont look at me , she even ignored me TOTALLY. She just looked 45* to the left and dint reply anything. I was stunned at that moment. How can classmates dont guide each other when one another actually met problems?? i was so sad and actually regretted of coming to this class cause the challenges are too strong that people dont share their thoughts.SELFISH!But not all people is like that... People like jaron, he just shares his ideas with me.I'm so glad that i have him to sit with me!

Anyway, some people still dont want to co-operate with me like doing group works. An example is during the council meeting, CZA was requested to work with me. U know what's the first reaction>? It's not "okay" but its " ewww... " . I was also really shocked cause Despite the fact that i'm at the same class with u, u are not going to communicate with me for the next 2 years??? Fine!

I met lots of friends in 3E7 like xiaoxuan,Min Hui and some more....I'm glad to have these friends.

Today, I experienced another shocking experience.I was there daydreaming cause i'm bored at the lab . Then XYZ said that i was dreaming of my some sort of 'girlfriend'. I replied " crap" . u know what XYZ said, She just talk crap there and honestly speaking, i HATE her attidue. U can just ignored me but not talk nonsense. Then people in front of XYZ just repeat what i say.. I was really angry so i just think of "hack care lah"...

I used so much Animated words cause i had been observing for this week and was really furious of such attidues.

^Readers of this blog, I'm sorry if i was really insulting of the use of words and some lohs... I was really angry and had been holding such terrible memories 2007 for such a long week. I'm going to die soon if i continue to tolerate so i decided to tag on this blog my frustration!!! Sorry if i 'm hurting u but i hope that i wont hurt anyone:>

**XYZ & CZA are really people but they are not written by their real names so as to protect their identity . (U see, i still care for them although insults).

I felt that i'm more relaxed now aftering flushing and throwing all my frustrations on this blog.. So that's the good thing about blogging!!

Anyway, thanks for reading my frustations although if u didnt read this post but only see this sentence. Pls continue to tag at my tagboard.

Sy Yuan
hi people,
I'm back to tagging again.. Today, I'm going to talk about the current class i'm in - 3E7.
3e7 is a very quiet class but very "Brillant" class. However, quietness is not good cause no discussion and leads to sleepness. Once, the class was so quiet that i almost fell asleep. (Opps.. )... It's like dead. the whole class like dead. Oh my gosh. When i step into this class, I thought people will talk more,... We get good chers. (Almost all from HODs) or rather extreme good chers but pupils also play apart in communications with the chers. So, I feel that we should be more lively and more open to share your thoughts but not keep quiet and always thinking of getting the first in class.(yes , u can think of getting 1ST , but when u share with e class ur thoughts, u are also learning!) ,... I'm very stress up and afraid of the quietness.... Please people, SPEAK!! Dont just keep quiet... (Haha)..

If now, u give me a choice to choose whether to go 3E5 or 3e7 , i will tell u 3E5 . Why>? Cause 3E5 is more active and lively and not so boring....

ok.. well, I was actually told that some teachers keep on recommending 3E7 to 4E6.. haha... Well, thanks for the recommendations anyway...

Continued on above post.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Helloo people....
Today i spent 3 hours doing the mindmap and 4 hours to do the chemistry... ahhh... i feel so sick now..... hiz... rushing all the work and finally end off here...Going off soon but tell you that i won't blog till saturday... thanks for ur notice... byee....

Sy Yuan

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Helo people,
I'm quite busy these few days so not blogging so often:> ... Anyway, more shouts at tagboard ... Remember to tag & link me... It's nicer & more colourful than in the past rite??? haha... i also know that!! ok... enough of that,... i better shut down my laptop to do my chemistry or else will get scoldings on monday!!!
Sy Yuan

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hi vistor ,
Today's again a brand new day & finally it started raining at 8PM... Haha.. so happi as i will have a good sleep tonight!tomorrow's a brand new term and a new start for the year 2007 secondary 3 School life! Going for orientation tomorrow till 5 jan... Good rite? Dont be jealous ah! But i still need to attend lessons!!! (Better cause sec 3 veri important!)...

Anyway, if u are a friend of sy yuan, probably , sy yuan told you his web, u heard his web Or u just happen to pass by this web. Anyway, my web will be updated almost daily and now , i'm still working on the clock and adding other stuffs to make this blog a better one! This blog will continue be updated and look forward to see more things! I spent 3 days to create this blog, making designs & trying out stuff.....

Have a great day ahead!!
Sy Yuan

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Hi vistor,
This is my brand new web address so probably none of my friends found out this blog.. If u do, shhh,..(*Keep Quiet*).. Don't tell anyone my website or else.... (HEhehe!!!)Well, today's 2007! Byees to 2006!!:> . Well , during the december holidays 2006, I went to Genting on Nov 8 2006 To 27 Nov 2006 TO Butterworth, Penang and Ipoh... Actually, i wanted to post the videos and pictures on my website but in order to keep it private, i don't want to post it !!(haha). .. Anyway, The whole journey was fun ... Anyway, to keep my messages short because my father want to use the computer, 2 more days to school reopens ! 3 January 2007 Will be the day that i'm happy cause i am already BORED at home!! Orientation happens on 3-5 January 2007 so we are in charge!!! Remember Secondary 3 Camp is on 29JAN-31 Jan at Changi!! haha... Time's so fast... Hope this Brand year will be a better and more joyful year.

Be positive ....
Hope you have a Good year ahead...

Sy Yuan
1 January 2007(1/1/2007)

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