Friday, October 31, 2008


has been tracked by MYINSPIRELIFE.BLOGSPOT because he posted a spam message and is against the right of the author. he is infridging the author's rights and will be blocked from effect today at 4:50pm .
HIS NAME IS BOBBY NG ZHI CHAO living in BEDOK,SINGAPORE .his hobby:? spamming and making fun of people. so we have successfully blocked him and stop all spams.

We dont mind disgracing people like you since you insult us and do something against our policy.

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so, this is our evidence of tracking his identity and so, you know how powerful our tracking machine is . SO, dont try to PLAY TRICKS with us. We will not tolerate such nonsense.

Other identity will not be published to further protect his identity. We are so kind.always kind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hi! we are excited to add up to 21 songs to our music playlist. unfortunately, due to exam stress, we have no mood to do so! dont worry.. time flies and we hopw to see you again! Thanks for your past support for MYINSPIRELIFE.BLOGSPOT

our songs to be added SOON:
*its yours
*fall for you

and many more...


Saturday, October 18, 2008



From 17 October to 18 october, a spyware is targetting myinspirelife and we have successfully remove it! It results the page to autorefresh for several times non stop! We are sorry about this and has removed this. DO feel free to contact us if you spot any spywares or pop up advertisements in the future!

Thanks for your continuous support!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have updated various songs on my playlist ! September has ended.. and its october! Happy children day! O levels coming soon!! Have to stop using computer liao.... Thats sad but we will be back in 43 DAYS time to FREEDOM! See You!

SOngs JUST put on list::
*Just stand up ( Encouragement For those who suffer from cancer !)
*When september ends
*Cry for you
*When you are gone (On piano)
*Always be my baby
*One step at a time

-- All songs on MYINSPIRELIFE are constantly updated to bring you the best and latest songs online! Thanks to FM 98.0 !All songs recommended!!!!!Enjoy!~

Thanks for the continuous support to MYINSPIRELIFE!

Remember no spammers allowed.. Although we are gone for weeks, our IP tracker is still in working conditions , hence dont try to spam! We have 3-4 IP trackers available for your safety to prevent spammers and monitor all activities made in this blog!