Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hi people... I woke up damn early today so as to help my sis to photostate her things....

If u happen to ask urself what to do when u stumbled / entered my blog, Let me tell u what to do :>

1. You Can read the posts that i've tagged.
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That's all... Haha.. Hope you TAG MY BLOG before u leave!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi people.. I just drop by to put a notice here...

Things to do when u enter this blog.
  • Pls. Check the 'checklist' now to find out what's new... It's already updated .
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  • And i just realise that This friday, we don't have to go to sch!! Great rite?
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That's all. Will put up more at 7:00pm. online at 6:30pm tonight!:*)

Sy Yuan

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi people.. this might be the last post for October 2006 unless necessary.

Well, I posted this post as i feel thAt it's necessary before we go on our own way. So, this post is meant to thank the friends in 2E4 that realli help me a lot.!:)

  1. I would like to thank Zi hui for helping me to count my Average for SA! And of course , being my friend. :*) Haha..
  2. I would like to thank Renay 'cause she's very supportive for whatever i do And accompanying me lol..! Haha...
  3. I would like to thank Nadhirah for tagging my blog and being my friend :#)
  4. I would like to thank Natasha for accompanying me and sitting beside me so that i wouldn't be lonely for that 5 months. And of course, help me to get rid of Zheng Qian.( That applies to Renay too*{ For helping me to get rid of him}..)
  5. I would also like to thank Wee Ting for encouraging me sometimes and talking to me so that i wouldn't be so lonely lol..
  6. I would like to thank Camillie also as She is so cheerful that she brightens up my day.
  7. I would also like to thank Miss Soh for helping me with my Science and giving us extra lessons so that i can be top in class :%)
  8. I would also like to thank Miss Ho for helping me with my Maths and encouraging me.
  9. Lastly, I would like to thank Miss Lee for helping me with my english and Literature as she takes up her own free time to help me with my work ..

My sis gotta use now so i will have to end here...

All the best for the people that i mention above! Good LUCK!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

hi pple... Today get back results... So upset of my results.......... Although i got 5As .... cause.. I had lots of careless mistakes in my maths paper... Pei Yun, good Job lar... This time I lose u... Never mind... "wo gen ni ping dao di"!!:> Good for u lar... improve so much in Maths.. Good JOB! Hiz... My chinese also very bad leh.... Especially my Paper 2... Never mind, i gotta work harder...Then, English , few pple fail but later pass. Those same class wif me will know what i mean:> .. Next, for science... I also quite disappointed although i get top for sci.. 'Cause i got lots of careless... Hiz...
Next, for geography, my results are ok lar... Dun wan to mention.

Pls lar people.. don't keep asking how much i got. I am SO IRRITATED. So upset that Xing you criticize my maths results... he say that Miss ho say i do so fast.,.. turn up still lose to him... I get so angry and upset. Never mind, i'm going to "duan jue lai wang". haha. Luckily, my science still win him or else i will get more criticism. Oh my god..... i'm so frustrated.

I feel that there are some kind of intruders entering this blog. ONCE AGAIN, i repeat myself, Please do not leak out ur password and username to anyone.. So this is what i'm going to do... I'm going to change all of your password and username. However, those who didn't tag my blog arr .. the user will be automatically delected.So this applies to u all also.So , i'm going to tell u all ur new pass and user 2morrow or this week lar.
* The new password and username will take place from today, 07:00PM..

To Renay, Natasha, Zi hui , Wee Ting, Camillie & of course nadhirah:
Good luck for what you have done:> School life Is ending soon so may our friendship still continues:>I just wanna wish u all . All the best for what you have done.:>
Hope that you are happy that you have chosen the course that you want or enter the class that you want:>.
ALL THE BEST Forever !!!:>:>:>

Sy Yuan.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello people... I may be opening this blog to the public so that it won't be so troublesome to log in each time/. I may be making the changes on whether to open it to the public or not which will depend on the poll caster that u people vote.

How to vote?
Click ' others'and click 'cast your vote'. AND VOTE! Your votes are important as it will depend if i want to open the blog to the public.

If the results are yes , which is to open to the public, this blog will be opened on 30 November 2006 . so you have 1 month to decide whether to open to the public or not. Vote wisely.! Thanks.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shuang lin Monastery.

Entrance to Shuang Lin temple

Malaysia trip ( Tuesday, 10 oct 06)

Macdonald at 3:30PM. Very hazy rite?
Carrefour... Entrance

Carrefour Malaysia, Johor.

Drink stalll... very colourful rite?
Hihi.. People.... Today, we went back to have our Listening compre. I feel that it's like a little stupid to go back for 1 1/2 hour and wait for 1 hour for our 1/2 an hr paper... Hiz... After Listening Comprehension, I went to bedok market that is near Shop N save . On the way, when i reached the traffic light near Giant, I saw zheng Qian on the bus. He's so fast.... Oh my god.. I think that he is too kan chiong to go home. Then , he go home also nothing to do.. Read books only what. ! His life So bored ah... Not like mine so fantastic ... Everyday got to go out.! :> Well, on tuesday, i went to johor. Yesterday , i went to Shuang Lin Temple. The place is damn big.. Like palace. I took some photos and went there to offer praying... LOL. I walked around the place for 2 hours .. Soon after, we left the place and saw that there are lots of overhead bridge. I told my mum... " Wow... So many over head bridges ... These residents everyday exercise... CLimbing up and down the bridges... so tired". I was so fortunate that i did not stay there!!! The place is so cramp so the temple is join with the HDB Flats...Then , we took a bus home.

How to go to Shuang lin Temple?
Take Bus 8 From Tampines interchange. 45 Stops from tampines interchange to The place. Cross the bridge to the Hdb Flats. Next, walk to the end .

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hi!!I just returned from Johor yesterday night at around 8pm. it's quite fun... I went to Carrefour(Johor) and the wet market. we left at 7am and reached the immigration at 8:34 am. It's quite early so we took a bus (6B ) to the place. The ride was quite bouncy ... And i reached there at 10 Am. Then, i took some photographs and went into the shopping centre. I found that the things sold were quite cheap and we had our lunch there. they sold the Nasi Lemak and chicken rice at only RM 2.50 that is S$1. It is cheap and delicious. Next, we went around shopping and bought lots of things. Then, when we got out of the shopping centre, it was 1:30PM.!! After that, we went to the other side of the place and again, we went into the other shopping centre. The place was so hot and stuffy but it was rather huge. After purchasing all the things, we left at 3:34pm and crossed the 4 -lane road. It was quite dangerous but i managed to cross safely :> . While waiting for the bus to arrive, i started seeing haze and smog at the place. What is haze??? Thanks to Miss Fang, i remembered , Haze is a suspension of smoke and dust particles which affect how far and how clearly we can see!!haha. Besides, the other thing is that i was amazed of what the lazy taxi driver had done . you know what he did? Instead of turning a U Turn at the road junction, he drove the car upwards on the road barrier and crossed to the other lane. everyone at the bus stop was shocked but i felt it amazing 'cause it was the first time i saw this type of taxi driver. Soon after, my bus arrived and we went back to Singapore. we reached the immigration at 4 pm and reached singapore at 5PM. We took SMRT 950 to woodlands and SBS 168 back to tampines and SBS 38 home.! The trip was enjoyable but tiring!!We reached home at 6:30PM and we Finally REACHED!

* Like what i said above, i took some photographs. I will upload it 2morrow. ( 12 oct-'06)

Composition wrote by : SY Yuan.

Monday, October 09, 2006

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh my gosh.. I spent 5 percious hours from 1:00PM to 6:10Pm sitting here to edit my template. I done this template ALL BY MYSELF so it's copyrighted. Comment on this blog @ the tagboard. thanx. Need to go Tampines 201 liao.. Byee.... Coming online later at 8-11pm to create game.haha... My life is so WonderFul.