Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hiii!:) Welcume! 3 years ago... It was when i started this blogg.. with this address.. Of course, i start blogging since i'm P5 lahh..:) okk..

Planted my Hydroponic plant since last week.. Yesterday, Roots grew out liao.. TOday, 1st leaf grew out, At 4PM today, 2nd leaf grew out!hhaha.. expecting for e 3rd leaf then shift the plant to e next stage lahh
Yesterday went to sign up for Passion card and a computer course(A.P) .. haha.. expecting the course soonn.. Bt it cost very ex lahh,. $70+ lehh.. bt its worth it lahh.. From 10am - 1 pm (3 SATURADAYS)! haha..

ok.. need to eat liao.. will change my blogskin on sun lahh.. REMEMBER TO VISIT & TAG! And .. I tink i got time lahh..:) kk.. byee

Saturday, May 26, 2007


okk.. uploaded a new video based on e trip on hydroponic farm.. All taken by me lahh.. ok.. Below is e video lahh..

Hii people..

Yesterday went expo lahh.. Went there wif my aunty then left after an hour due to the bad stomachache.. Reached home feelin very sick maybe cos of the oily smell there.. Feel like vomitting bt didnt lahh..Then , Was ok at Around 6pm and have dinner then sleep..

Today, watched Korean show from 9am to 11am.. Finally finished watchin the show... Very nice ending lehh bt the worst mistake is that the writer keep turning around e bushh.. haha..
Then painted a Antique car which i built for a few dayss... After paintin, very very nice lehh.. Now tto late liao.. Cannot capture clear photos(crap excuse lahh) haha.. so will take 2morrow and post online..

Then Planted hydroponic plants since thursday and nothing happened.. hizzz... Waiting and waiting.... Bt wont grow mosquitoes 1 ritee?? haha..

ok.. now downloadin a free trial software lahh..:) ok.. then byeeeee..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

2morrow still got PTM.. hizz.. Sianz lol.. My schedule @ 12PM lehh.. So sianzzzz...:) 2morrow dun knoe got cum to sch or not lahh.. See 1stt... :) haha.. ok.. That's ittt..


Skin may be changed on sat lahh..See 1st got time or nottt..


Oh my gosh..
I just opened my mail from Sg EXPO and.. There are lots of events coming up soon.. Listen/LOOK carefully below::

Hall 4B
25-May-07 to 27-May-07
Start Time: 09:00; End Time : 21:00

2. Food FAIR!!!!!:)
Hall 5
25-May-07 to 29-May-07
Start Time: 11:00; End Time : 22:00

3.Expo BRANDED SALES(Clothes.bags)
Foyer 2
Level 2
25-May-07 to 29-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

Hall 4A
25-May-07 to 31-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

5.Great Indonesian Sale
Hall 6B
25-May-07 to 28-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

siao lol.. So many exhibits!!!!!!!!Im going mad liao.. Will go Expo at 6pm 2morrow then go Food fair first to EAT! and then go guardian..Next day then go again lah since my house is just 10 mins walk away:) I live at simei bahh..:)

Time's realli fast ... It's end of term 2 in 25 HOURS TIME!!! Yipee...

Ok then..



And... TAG!:)Hhaa...

Sy Yuan
Today went to Hydroponic Farm!Very nice trip bt it's too FARRR... Next time go nearer one ok..? Ok .. and reached there around 10am. Saw many pple taking bads of veggies:) haha.. Then, go around the farm.. Captured some photos which are shown in the sildeshows beloww:)

Next, Bought a starter kit for hydroponic plantt.. SGD$4 lehh.. actually dont want to buy 1 then saw tiff buy , then i bought one with the tomato seeds. When they are grown successfully, i will treat u all kk? haha..:)

Then , went home at 12:10pm and watch dramas:)

Now blogging haha...

kk.. byee

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ok.. For a start.. Depression has occured againnnnnn........Hateeee My results..... My Emaths gotten A B3 .. Well, sorry ... I didnt do veri well then... That's too badd.. Then my comb humanities also didnt do quite well bt Gotten an A. Elaine 变态 1, she gotten A1 Then same mark as her s.s... Shittt... haha.. Then bio, lost to 9 PEOPle, bt satisified lahh.. Never mind will work harder and score better at end of year...

Today, ms lim says 2 pple will haf to go back to sch during holidays.. I will be one of them.. Dont need to say 1 .. I failed twice liao lol.. Calculated my average,... well, very bad .. lahhhhhh.......

Now, what can i do is to sit and relax till end of next month then studyy:):)

hmm.. Malcolm cheat 1, he gotten 3rd,!For maths! Shittt lolll... Bt good job man! this time got sth wrong.. sth blockin my view to do better.. so must go temple and pray lahh..

Hope to Get better grades for end of yearrr!!

And then, today chem lesson abt Chemical equation!:) Quite fun bt complicated...

Went homee @ 12:20Pm.. Went to Food court to eat!Nice nice!! And walked home drenched cos of the heavy rain..

From 2pm-now, i haf been watchin korean Dramas:)haha.. Very nice lehh..:)

2morrow goin Hydroponic fARM.. dont feel like goin 2morrow:).. And ,some people dont want to go horr..:) Well, Will get report cards on Friday:))..

Ok... need to go liaoo:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hizz... DEPRESSEDDDDDD... I flunk all my testsss... Expectin for an A for my chem bt it turned out as.... Then 0.5 Marks to Another grade also cannot give.. Hizz... Dont 烦我。我已经很烦了。。。。But seriously lahx... very sad liao.. Then my physics passed... lucky lahx .. And El Passed!:) Bt saw my COmb.Humanities ... Hizzzz... Very bad lahh... dont say liao.. 2morrow see then know liao... Realli HATE my resultss...... Hizzzzzz... S***...

Well, Today no mood lah, then some pple ask me y i like so downtrodden today... Didnt reply them bt thanks for ur concern anyway.. Sad cos my result mahh... MY L1R5 will be affected by these resultsssss.. Hizz... Now very sad saddd... So when see me, SMILE.!

I tink my bio,emaths will get C6/FAIL lah... Expected lah.. cant set so high targets... I knoe i die liaooo... Serious lah... Cos some subjects just turn out like...:( Hizz... SADDDDDDDD...Cant blame me lah cos i put in sooo much effort in studyin then it turned out...:*(


Well, Today test pple HTML Code.. hizz... No one as brillant as me:)(Boastlah) .. Cant blame me.. i so sad liao so let me boast a while lahh... Ok... Test them how to insert like color word then whats the code for it.. They are like so blurr..:)

haha... Happi lah.. I made up my mind.. GOING POLY!To take up IT course bt seriously.. i have been very very interested in Poly courses esp. IT and i made tremedous progress in IT... Not bad lahh.. Got the interest and passion there so Will go CC take up some computer courses to learn more!

Today got council meet lah. $10 FOR 3 DAYS , 2 NIGHTS camp food???! How is it possible...?? Glenn was like kena shocked when he saw thiss... It was like MAD lah,... Nvm.. will make fun of him to treat us:) haha...

Went home watch Korea drama.. Not bad lahh.. the show.. Very interesting n relax :)

Must upgrade myself in IT since im so interested lahh..

Gettin depressed to get my results... realli realli bad.. no mood to get liao lahh/.... NO more hope liaoooooo.. Must find my HOPE!~ Nvm.. will take some time:) Faster give me hope!!:)

No more mood to continue liaooo... bb

Saturday, May 19, 2007

hiii!:) hizz.. 2day went to TECC for project then went out again to IKEA. On the bus, i gave my seat to an woman.. See i so guai... Bt actually i wanted to just give her the inner seat bt she took e 2 seats on SMRT bus.. Angerr but i still so guai.. Give my seat to her .. Then , at ikea , went to buy A computer chair @128 SGD.Before discount, it was 289SGD now, offer lahx.. Not bad:) then bought it.. Now my dad fixing the chair ..:) very nice leh and comfortable:).. kk.. Then, went to Giant ... It was DAMNNNN bigg and very windy(I mean e Air con there).. Shop there for 2 hrs , bought a long pant:)Then went home @ 7pm.. Reached Tampines MRT at 7:30PM.. Reached home at 8pm .. Now typin lahx:) Realli enjoy myselff:) Very happi todayy..

**I knoe that i have been typing smilies in this post today.. haha.. i also dunno y lah:)(haha.. again).

kk.. Actually, didnt earn much these few days thus we need ur help! Just click on any ads found on this blog as many times as u can! Then , in this way , i can buy my software to upgrade myself... Thank you if u help me lahxx...

kk.. Listenin to Yes 93.3.FM.

haha... Thank you for ALL UR TAGS esp. Corrina,Elaine and X2(OR2X) same lah..

ok... tt's it,.. Try e new chair now bahh.. can move back 1:)


Sy Yuan

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hiii! By looking around at everyone's blog on my linkages on my blog, i tink im the onli one who has been updated DAILY and changed skin 2 times since 5 days! Haha:)

Hizz.. Today give back chinese.. Saw Qiu Mei's blog few minutes ago... Hizz.. B4 LEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. sad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... WHAT HAPPENNEDDDDDDDD??????!!!Dont ask me... I also dont knoeee..

Then, as expected, failed physics! haha.. at first feel sad lahx then after that i overxcome it soon cos i expected e result to be like thatt.. !

Then, A.maths got A2 .. YEAHHH!!! Didnt expect/... Thought i failed like a pile of shit.. Bt i didnt .. YEAHHHHHH!!

Then biology paper 1 got A1.. hizz.. Expected lahx(Boast lahh):)

Ai yahh,.. Dont care liao..

Blog BLOG!!! :)

2morrow and sunday going out:)
Yeahh.. all e subjects that i scared most are finally REVEALED! haha.. so happi:) L1 R5... Die liaooooooooo... I tink tis time more than 20+ lehh..

Then , Glenn win me most of subjects lol.. Fed up ahh... All by 1 -10 marks.. Hizzzzzzzzz.....

Sad lahh..

Bt sorry to spam such a nice and wonderful blog!:)

And again, this serves as a warning to all those spammers who have been spamming my blog e past few days 2gether with my friends quiz.,,
1. tag onli if u want. No one is forcing u here. All spam messages/tags will be delected automatically without considering and ur IP code will be blocked by the system. Thus, u will not be allowed to tag anymore..
2.About the friends quiz, dont take if u dun feel like.

ok.. that's it lahxx..

bt if u want any skins/templates, u can try by searching thru google or any links found on this blog. Thank you and hope u can find what u want to find!:)

THats it,.. Sleeping time:)

kk.. byee:)
hiii! In sch liaox/.... Latrer give back a.mathgs & bio /.// hizz... die liaoxcx....

ok.. need to go for recess liao


Sy Yuan

Thursday, May 17, 2007

4 days so fast over liao.. That day CHINESE LC, i die already.. 2 qns wrong liaooo........AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........
I tink i die liao...... my marks... 2morrow get back papers lehh..
I will die in Physics, Chemistry , E.MATHS, A.MATHS......etc...

Dieeee liaoooooXX

ok... need to sleep liaox ,

SY Yuan


Hiii! I'm back!!!!!!!!! Skin changed liaoxxxxxxxxxx....... So happii... Veri colourful riteeee??????? Veri Nice riteeeeeeee??????? Hahhahahhahahahhaxxxxxxxxx... Veri happi lehhh.....:) ... Hahha.. Changed EVERYTHINGGGG!!!!!!!Yeahhhhhhhxxhxhhxx...

HAHA.... bt 2morrow need to go sch liaox

later going out liao.... HAHA....

Spend 4 hrs doing this skin~!!!!!!!!:):)



Sy yuan
hiii.. wake up so early just to change skinn...

And added some ADs lahhx..

Well, so sianzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Feel like going out today lolssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.........


Well ok, thats it.. I online @Msn till 9Am or so... then i go out liaooooooo.. YEAHHHHHHHHH/...

ok.. that's ittttttttttttt.....'

थांक यू

Sy Yuan

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hiixxx... Blogger is back to normal liaoxx

hehaha... Just now click hindi , then all e words appear in tamil... Guess what's the folowinggg::

वेल्कोमे !!!

haha.. goit it??? E answer is WELCOME!



Sy Yuan


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello.. There seems to be sth wrong wif my blogger.. when i post, i can't add colour

Well, Made another skin for To view my skin, see under "ME!" on left and click designed skin 1/2.,.. I'm quite satisified with e skins lahh:)

Online for 2 hours since 7am liao.. Need to shut down com liao..


Ok thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.......

pS: Enjoy the song playlist that i created for u! Must thanx me!:)

Monday, May 14, 2007

hi there... Today's a very nice day.. Well, all e exams are ALL OVER!!! haha... Spent 5 Hrs on com.. Do blogskin for and also changed e blogskin for myself... I spent 3 hrs doing each blogskin... Bt its nice lahh... Agree??

Stress over 1 week .. finally... its over..

Well... Need to go liao... Friday need to go back. to sch lahh


My 2nd designed skinn::

SEE & TAGG ahh

And tag mi blog.. thanx

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hii again... Well../. 1 week of StRESS bt scared my EL. fail lehh .... hizz... L1R5 !!! ... Hizz... See you again in 5 DAYS!
Hiii... Hizz... That Elaine win me in S.s...nso angry bt i'm quite happi with my marks lahh... Anyway... 2morrow got Chemistry and A.maths test bt too bad lahh .. i havent prepare...

ahhhhhh... Bt need to work realli hard to get As lahh... then... now cannot use MSN cause in somewhere lahhx.

Need to find resources noww... Hizz.... Sleepppp.......:)