Friday, December 28, 2007

hii!! Finally back after 4 days tourr! so fun shopping and eatingg.. well, went on 24-27 dec.. :) hizz.. so tired cos flight delay yesterday then reached home around `11/... then slept at 12 am.... then todae went to sch.. will post 2morro:)


Sunday, December 23, 2007

elo.. Flying 2morro:) haha... so happii.. waited for this day for so long.. bt havent finish hw and havent studyyyy.. ahhh.. die 1.. bt will chiong when i cum back:) haha.. cuming back on 27 dec night time near midnight then nid to go sch on 28/12 also.. hizz.. sianz... these few days rain until very heavy! hehe.. so so so happii.. will tag again when i go Changi airport 2morro.. :) haha..

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year!!

Do email me if you spot any pop ups advertisement(Ads that Open from another window) or any spyware or any virus on this website! Thanks:)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

hizz.. im back:) long time didnt post liaoxx:)
thenn.. todae sick againn.. few days ago, headache.. now .. stomachee.. bt nvm.. now better liaoo.. now at changi simei cc lolx.. use com free 1:) haha..:) cc so nice liaooxx.. gt Tv, coms , one rounded table for usage of laptops and all upgraded.,,, so so nice!:)Realli realli nice!

time so fastt.., going to start school liao bt hizz.. unpreparedd.. havent study anything yettt..:(haha... well, my blog gotta close soon during march 2008 bvahh.. bt everything will be here bt no updates from march bah:) haha.. okk.. nid to go liaoxx../.:) bt my ads still continue!hahaha:)

these few days rain until so heavilyy so sianzz... then stayed at home to watch tv...., oh yahh.. few days ago, i spent abt a week watching this korean drama!! damn nice sia! MUST WATCH bt i foprget the title liao... its so touching and they act so well! haha... watch till midnight from morning daily last weekkk!!:)
yeahhh.. christmas cuming soon and MERRY XMAS bt i going to BKK soonnn!! haha.. see ya on 28 dec at sch bt i jus reach SIN that dayy,.... hizz.. so sad lolx.:)

bb:) see yahh! enjoy all e facilities on my blog!:) changing blogskinn soon! so do cum weekly or daily :) haha:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

tHIS IS not a spam message/post!
I clicked on a button to install ACTIVE X CONTROL OF ANOTHER WEBSITE and my com kena virus after that! DO NOT Install ACTIVE X CONTROL and bewaRE of spam messages. I have found out that this virus is called:: WORM.WIN32. and it spreads via EMAIL and through installing active X CONTROL!Currently,it has spread through out all the softwares(XP,VISTA,WINDOWS 2000)and security risk is the highest(5).
BEWAREEE!!!!! thenn,.. now, my com kena virus.. prompting me to install e antispam software bt i rejected.

Signs that ur com is infected with this virus:
*Ur internet speed is very very slow!
*Ur com hangs almost 3-4 times every hour
*There are 3 icons appearing on the desktop and no matter how hard u delect, it wont go off.
*Prompting u to install e software to protect ur com
*ur com informs you of the virus and requests you to install an antivirus software.'

Dont worry, i have found the person who caused the damage to my com:

Short form of country: RU
Full name of country:RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Region: MOSKVA
Internet company: ZAO MTU-INTEL

he/she is the one who infected my com by virus as i was told to click a video on my tagboard and thru there, it requested me to install the ACTIVE X CONTROL and i tot its like e normal sofware and like every website that we go, we have to install active x control to view videos...I have reported spam and blocked her from tagging on my website.!


But dont worry, my web ( does not require any installation of softwares so there's no spam lah.. REPORT SPAM IF U SEE ANY !

Remember: DOnt install any website that u dun knoe.!Careful!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

hizzz... so sianzz and getting boreddd... okk.. nid to go out 2morro too!:) .. still got camp and 1 more day be4 i am free ......... yeahhhh!:)thenn havent eaten dinnerr.. waiting for my mum to cum back.. jus check the LTA woodlands checkpoint website... it's jam with CARS~!!!!!!!!!! siao liaoxxx... use com for 2 hrs liaoo.. nid to go liaoo.. bbbbb:) enjoy ur day!_

Happy Deepavali!!!!!!

Best wishes,
Sy Yuan

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

eloo..:) I got the adtag cheque last weekkk.. so luckyyy.. okk.. here are the picss...
**These cheque are altered because of security reasons. Thank you!:)

okk.. need to go liaoxx..

(Last update: 7 NOV 2007,9:30PM)

Friday, November 02, 2007

hii.. Finally.. finished this blogskinn!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH!! 100% Spam Free..! I spent like 5 hrs doing this skinn.. pic adapted from blogskin user!! hahaha... so excited .. bt thenn so many lessons and courses to attendd.. remedials alsoo..
hizzzzzzz... sianzzzzzz ahh.. finally this week is gone... bt i slept e whole noon.. serious! haha.. And thenn today bio test for urine ! so disgusting lol.. still got bubbles one! And thenn chem.. crystals are formed!! So sucessfull!!! Bt Fabian and Jia wee's grp best sia! their crystals the most!! So nice!
okk.. pic of crystals beloww.. recieved 2 cheques from adtaggers! I won twice.. which mean total:SGD 2O.!! So happy loll.. first time luck so good..Sms the 8th time on I WEEKLY then got $$10.. not everyone's luck so good 1..:)
Thenn e first time is when i sms e tag on Today Newspaper..
Will take a photo of the cheque and post here laterr..
noww,.... crystals photo.!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

hizz.. finally done with the progress bar located at the start of the website! So excited and its like after 2 hrs of making and solving some technical problems by the progress bar! Tag!!!:)kk.. 2morro another sianz day.. archery sectionn.. dunno what to wear for 2morrow alsoo.. maybe PE T-Shirt lolx..:) hizz.. kk.. its goin late soonn.. bb:)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yahhhooo!! SINGAPORE AIRLINES A380 has been Landed YESTERDAY @6:40PM!! So hugh loll..!:) .. hizz.. then e airticket so expensivee!!! ...
Today .. so bored over e leadership courses... almost fall alseep!!:) so hot and so sianz ! today slept e whole noonn.. cos nth better to do..:)lolxx...!!!!!!:)

2morro go NGEE ANN POLY! So exciteedd!! kk..Looking forward thenn..:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone
103.856 - +08:00
Net Speed ISP Domain


I have located e spammer's location and stop spamming.. as ur IP has been blocked to tag on my tagboard!:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. so sadddd.. hate getting resultsss.. this time, my results are worst than expecteddddddddddddddd.. all C6............AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........

SORRii for spamminggg.. okk.. hizzzzz... think cannot get bursary liaox this stressed upp.. and disappointeedddd... think my ranking is 178/178 this yearr... jus hope for a 60/178 RANKING! Didnt expect my amaths to do so badlyyyyyyy...52/100 ONLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!My mind went totally blank when i saw my amaths test paper!!!!!!!!!!So saddddddddddddddddddddddd.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..

Too disappointed to say anythingg... just hope that my other results will turn out well by surpriseddddd.... *ah mi tou fou!!! pls help meee !!!I pray forr Better resultsssss!!!!Pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont disappoint meee!!!!!!Please make my wish come truee!!Pleassseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Nt expect my chem,physics,S.S. ,Chinese to do well.. cos its like so hard though some people says easyy..

Please pleaseeee... give me betterrr resultsssss!!!!!!!:*( so sad liaoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

nvmm.. WILL STRIVE ! This is nt O LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!! Will work harder bt i failed this time cos i last minute prepare +nt enough time for revision!!!!!!!!!!

JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SY YUAN, U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mode:Depresseddddddddddd..........Speechlesss.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

hizz.. so long didnt blog liao.. veri busy .. do skin so long loll.. then mon go make IC , tues watch tv , wed go JB then today last day of holidayy.. hizz.. so sad... veri scared my physics, chem , bio, amaths,english.. ai yahh.. everything lahh.. i tink i fail my physics and chemm... so sadddddd... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

kk.. doing my online tutorial for this websote noww... hopefully can upload by 12NOON... Must see and visit when u dont knoe how to navigate or use this blog. Enjoy e features as i do for 14 HRS horr!!


Saturday, October 06, 2007


I'm finally backk.. done and updated skin like 14 hrs liao... FINALLY donneee..!!!!!!

WIll create a user manual 2morrow so that u wont be lostt... kk?
ookk.. need to go sleep liaoo..


enjoying my holidays!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

eloo.. still in sch noww.. printing slide76.. so sloww.. Total slides i have done :101 SLIDES!Do like siao from morning 10AM TO 4PM.. Actually wan to go tenah merah (e open field)for east coast town council dayy... thenn no time cos of project...

Maths haven study.. fail liaoxxxxxxxxxxx...ahhhhhh..Geo alsooo... havent studyyyy.. wasted lots of time on projjj!!!!

still got Ace projj to doo... like siao loll/.hizz..

got my new phonee.. very very nice!!!love e phone. Very stylish!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

wow... busy wif projectss thenn no time to postt.. srryy

Went out to shop!Damn Fun
Went to chinese supplementary.. As usual, wasted 1/2 hr on scolding peeps (late) thenn make up another 1/2 hr later. Ended at 11:30Pm. then went wif corrina and ting huan To Singapore POLy at 12:30. WE board corrina's father's car at 12:20lehh.. Then reached there at 12:50PM! haha.. Damn latee.. The place is SO DAMN BIGG!! Love that place.. Leave a VERY good impression ! Intending to go there in 1 year time after my O levels!Corrina and i went to Game design course to experience the course!It was like fun and corrina says i veri quiet cos i went to e wrong course. Should have gone to Audrey's course(Password...) Then at 5:15PM , we are dismissed from there.. At first, when we got to the design studio , It took like 15 MINS climbing up and down stairs.. walking from buildings to buildings.. (Back to topic)When we left the studio, we are dismissed from there... Then corrina and I just walk anyhoww.. then i was laughing all the way cos the way she say(ai yah,不管啦,乱乱走!)was veri funny!!!!haha.. Then we walked to the admin building and out to the gate. then ask her to take bus to MRT then she dun wan also. so wen on walking to gate 3(FRM GATE 1)takes us abt 15 mins!So far then anyhow walk , reach there at 5:50PM. hizz.. it was damn bigg.. took a train homee.. reach home at 6:55pm..
Went home sleep till 7PM .. haha.. nice sleep.Oh yahh,.. e Food was damn nice(nuggets,fishballs,curry puff, siew mai, wanton,malay food, fruit tart!).. EXCELLENT FOOD!SOYA BEAN WAS NICE!Those who didnt go.. too badd..:)

Went to Esplanade to collect my Samsung E250 phone. Damn nice.Went home playing with the phone.. play the phone then found out tt it was 6+. Went to pizza hut to buy pizza!:)The barbeque chicken pizza was damn nice with all the seasonings!

Went sch for chem lesson.. Actually dun wan to go one then no choice lol.. Sleep e whole dayy.. now rushing australia proj.. hizz.. So sianzz..

okk.. gtg.. bb!!!!!!!!Tag ahh!
{Blog closed on 19 sep 07}{date may vary}

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hiii.. Today take back chem pper .. not so good lehh.. bt looking forward to the new samsung PHONE!Everyone is lookin forward of the pizzas that im treating themm.. haha.. bt muz see i gt time or nottt... :) It's rare to see me treat people!

Mr.Tay leavinggg.. hizz.. sobb..!:(Bt nvm lahh.. he's a good cher anyway!Sad cos no more free periods and no more slacking(ADAPTED From Elaine'sblog) bt happy that another cher comes in!Hope its Ms Siti mariam or Ms. Chia!:)


Anyway, still busy lah cos got SI PROJECT AND australia proj all thanks to tiff.. hizz.. she stress me up!

okk.. gotta busy for e whole week..!bb!:)
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------ SONG 1 ON CURRENT PLAYLIST---- ##NOw Playingg##

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Go BK with marcus and Malcolm at EPT. Ate Student Meal .. Surprising ahh.. Its $3.95SGD. Still quite cheap and didnt increase price though GST increases to 7%.
Reach home. Study CHinese bt will fail 1 so doesnt matter:)
Use Com. I WON A NEW SAMSUNG PHONE. Cos i go participate e NDP 2007. Bt entry close liaoo.. so no chance to participate.Though is nt MP3 bt happi liao, SAMSUNG SGH E250! So happi .. THANKS FOR VOTING FOR MEEEE!!!!!!!!!THankssss!!!!
Do Australia project till noww..
Switch off comm..

Too excited to look forward for the phonee.. haha,.

//My past memoriess prizesss//
1st time i win is SUMMER HONEY (6 BOTTLES OF HONEY WORTH SGD$180) (Last year)
2nd Time I win is NEA(RECYCLE BAG,Notepad,Mug,Pen..) (Last Year)
Noww.. My 4TH TIME.. Since IM BORN!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Went to Esplanade with 3E6 AND 3E7.. Ticket above:).. First time to esplanade!:) Damn nice lehh the showw.. DIdnt eat dinner then wan to go TM to eat bt close liao when reach there.. Reach home at 12:10am.. Tired then go sleep..

kk...busy wif proj liaoo.. bb:) will post soonn.. bt holiday damn busyyy:)...

Holidays CUMING!!!!!!YEAH!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Title: Uncle Kracker - Follow Me lyrics

Artist: Uncle Kracker

Visitors: 84348 visitors have hited Follow Me Lyrics since Feb 12, 2007.


You don't know how you met me
You don't know why, you cant turn around and say good-bye
All you know is when im with you I make you free
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I'm singing....

Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me

And I worry 'bout the ring you wear
Cause as long as no one knows
That nobody can care
Your fellin guilty
And I'm well aware
But you don't look ashamed
And baby I'm not scared
Im singin...

Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
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Won't give you money
I can't give you the sky
It better off if you don't ask why
I'm not the reason that you go stranded
We'll be alright if you don't ask me to stay

Follow me
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You don't know how you met me
You don't know why, you cant turn around and say good-bye
All you know is when im with you I make you free
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I'm singing....

Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
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Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
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Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yesterday left my house at 10:10am and reached at school at 10:30am /. Thanks for all ur concerns bt seriously, i didnt get enough sleep on Tues's night cso of the incident below and so end up with giddiness and headache . Then physics lesson didnt understand anything. Just dream and talk all e way!:)

Today didnt go 2 sch.. Miss lots of lesson bt i slept frm last nite 8:00pm to Today 7:00AM .. then eat breakfast and sleep again From 10-1pm .. Got headache, slight fever, flu, sore throat and i feel very very sleepy....Finally can get some sleep today!:) sleep very very well!Then , didnt do anything 2day.. hizz.. sighh.. Thenn, now bloggingg.. feel better and think i can go to sch 2morrow..

Thanks to: Elaine,Nad,Chloe,Miss Neo,Joc,TIffany for all ur consoless..
Thanks to: Qiu Mei , tiff and ting huan and many others for all ur concerns!:)

And of course, thanks TIFFANY for being a great listener cos i repeat e incident for abt 5 TIMES and she feels so sianz abt it.. Sorry bt i feel better after i tell u everythingg...

okk. better go sleep liaoxx.. bb!:) see ya!

Monday, August 13, 2007

i really feel very very angry while thinking of the incident that happened today so i cant concentrate on my work !

I really hope that you can read on although it is a little too long.. sorryy.. okk..

Actually, 3 weeks ago, glenn siow and me wanted to redo the proj and we want to redo into ppt form. Then, i even ask vui chee,marcus and malcolm whether they wan to redo. So all these while, we have been discussing in front of them and i even ask vui chee, marcus and malcolm whether they want to redo their vanguard sheet. Then , they say that they wont want to redo again.
But today, when vui chee is following glenn siow to the geo room, he actually met up with me and we told him that we are here to present the project. Then, u know what he said? He SAID THAT HE WANT TO JOIN OUR GROUP! I was very very angry and quite shocked of what he said.Because, he didnt even contribute to anything of the ppt in the first place, and secondly,he told us last minute that he wants to join our group. He says that he will present and we will just sit there and listen. I Disagree!Glenn siow kept pleading me to allow him to join into our group.And, i disagree. Then after which when i present finish, glenn actually ask me if ms fang can give vui chee some marks just because he does some of things. Actually, it's a lie.

Like i say , vui chee is glenn's best friend and vui chee will be angry if gleen siow dont help him to persuade me of allowing him to join into our group. So , he lied that he did contribute some of the ideas. vui chee didnt even contibute anything to the project. i am not biased or backstabbing anyone but it's a fact and it's the truth. My attitude is like that, anyone who doesnt do anything or is a slacker, i will tell the in-charge and make sure that he wont get away so easily. (BT TOO bad if u are a slacker too)! so dont join my group if u are one cos u will kena 1.And then,back to the topic, when i go out of the class,vui chee and glenn were waiting for me. You know why? Glenn ask me one question:" Do you mind about the marks that i give to vui chee?" . Of course, to prevent any trouble , i say no.. But actually, deep in my heart, I AM VERY VERY ANGRY.... FRUSTRATION!!

I do...
Slide template
Slide animations
Inserting pictures.
Slide 1-5
Slide 10(Scattergraph), 13,14,15,16,17,18.
All the wordart and the font colours are all done by me.

Glenn do..
Slide 6,7,8,9,11,12 only
.He just insert into microsoft word and just says he is busy then leave everything to me to convert everything to ppt form.

I was actually very angry when he does that and i spent almost 10 hours working on this project.I put everything aside even my holiday homework to do this project .Last saturday and yesterday, i do the powerpoint until 1am . It was because of the marks. i am not asking for credit or anything lah bt its the truth . Imagine that if you have a group mate and he last minute tells you that he wants to join your group or he is a slacker and gets the same mark that you do, what will you feel? Of course, anger right?

And hope that u understand the things that i experience if u r in my position!

kk.. realli need to go liaoxx.. type for the past hour!TAG TO tell me what i shld doo..!!Thanks!
hizz.. its 12:03AM noww... and im still awakee... i finally finish all my GEO PROJECT!!SPENT LIKE 9-10 HOURS DOINGGG! Satisifed with the quality of the project!:) haha.. okk.. better to get some rest .. later morning still need to study S.S. Haven finish.. left 2 more pages to gooo!!!!!!!:( hizz.. sleepyyy...


But surprising, i dun feel sleepyy..:) .. okk.. bb..

SY Yuan
13 AUGUST 07

Saturday, August 11, 2007

hii... a veri nice song.. BEIJING OLYMPICS 2008!Scroll down to see instructions!

Fast FORWARD TO TIME:07:37 as in front is all"BEIJING , WE ARE READY"!:)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

hizz.. didnt get into e ndp finalists... next week last chance .. hizzz.. sobbb..:*) thenn 2morrow tink nt goin lahx... lazy to go and so sianzz lolll... down with fluu... and i LOVE THIS week e mostt!!:) 2 Days of school only! I have been expectin for this day to cummmm..:):) .. hizz.. sianz loll... and our class got alot of couples:) .. Hixzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... sianzzz.. sianzzz..:) Exams cumin and tis blog will be temproary be closed from 1 SEPT ! Closure of blog sign will be put up ..:) and remember my birthdae cumin soon on 19 SEPT!:) REMEMBER !!:)

kk.. sianzz.. watch tv liaoz... byee..:)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 11:How do you celebrate/spend National Day every year?

For every year on the 9 AUGUST 2007, Singapore celebrates her Birthday. And this year as usual, Singapore is celebrating her 42 TH Birthday on 9 AUGUST which is the day which i am always looking forward to every year!Since 1965 where singapore gained its independence, singapore starts to celebrate her birthday every year on 9 August .Singapore has progressed
termendously over the years and now, we are a modern and advanced country !

Singapore is also the country which has the 4 different races(Eurasian, Chinese, Malay, Tamil!).!

So every year on 9 august, i would put up the national flag around august and starts listening to the yearly national day songs!It's a great pleasure to listen to the songs and i really enjoy the songs and the videos promoting the song!For this year, the song is Will you and There's No Place I'd Rather Be!I have already learnt the lyrics and really love the song and especially the lyrics of the song which are very very meaningful!:)

I would also eballot the NDP tickets online yearly but failed to get the tickets to the NDP Parade. Disappointed that i cant celebrate the nation's birthday LIVE at the stadium,I would just sit in front of the television and watch the whole parade.
Last year was at Kallang stadium(National stadium) and this year is a very very special holding venue.It's on the platform floating on water and it is very exciting. Usually, I would start watching the NDP parade with my family memebers from 5 :30 pm which is the opening cermony of the Parade and soon after, as usually , the KALLANG WAVE!It's very fun to stand up and down with the crowd which forms a wave!:)

Soon after, there will be lots of performances like army,police marching and together with the different Associations (Like P.A.) marching with the flags flying high in the air!Next, there will be a singing of national anthemn and the planes together with the parachuters!

Soon after, there will be lots of performances in the dark and singing of theme songs!And finally, the FIREWORKS Performances which is glorious and very nice Which lasts for 3 Mins!:)

I would also sometimes take the opportunity to go to the shopping centres and CC where they provide a LIVE TELECAST of the national day parade!It's good and enjoyable to sit with the crowd and celebrate the nation's birthdae together with all the singaporeans and together with the lively atmosphere, it's most enjoyable and happiest event that i would attend!

It is also happy to see smiles on the performers and the people celebrating the nation's birthday!

And, I hope that i can get the NDP Funpacks this year because I havent received any fun packs since im P5.!!Have fun celebrating SINGAPORE'S 42TH bithdae!:)I love Singapore!!!!!!:) I wish Singapore a happy 42TH BIRTHDAE!

*************END OF POST*********************

Sy Yuan

Happy NATIONAL DAY,SINGAPORE!!!!!:)9 AUGUST !!Cuming soon!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi pple..

Firstly, I would like to thank all those people who vote for me twice in the week 7 and week9 NDP Contest. Thanks alot(Zah,Nad,Chloe,Joc,Fab,Sec 2 Juniors and many more..)
Bt i dont think i will win tis time cos they say they will contact the winner yesterday so i didnt get any calls/email so dont tink will winn. hizz.. Sobb.. Feel like giving up liaox.
Saw Week 10 NDp Contest: What aspect do you like most in singapore's history. Its so hard lolx.. So wont take part for this week contest and saw all those who participated. Its like sooo good lol.. so wont stand a chance to win one..

Secondly, last tuesday tis week, I went to Princess (E macdonald opp Bedok Int) . I bought some fries and went out of mac. When i reach the bank , i saw a suspicious character standing there.. He approached a man too then he also came forward. he said that he does not have any money in his EZLINK and want to go to work. Ask me if i got money..Of course, Im smart enough and didnt give him. He wears an olive green tshirt and wears a sunglass. Then an elderly woman waited for me and asked me if i got give the man money.. I tell her"the person who give him the money is a fool and is stupidd">>!!!!:) haha.. Its like 4:30pm and who goes to work at this time and he wears sunglass makes me more suspicious!

Today went to bio lab to do biio.. Draw until my hand pain and got headache. Joc draw until so nice .. No wonder she is an ART CLUBBER!!!! haha.. Bought a fish and fish burger and went home at 2:15pmm..Then wen joc and me went out of the sch gate, we saw a group of guys loitering and approached Joc askin if we know a guy frm 2E3 ... Of course we say noo..
Then one of them is like his head dyed with red... We joked that his hair so colourful like rainbow!!!!!:)

Hizz.. Stress ....Dont like stress.. Love sleepinn.. Have been sleepin for the few afternoonss... Just woke up too.. And so many things happen tis weekkk.. And Someone's birthdae cumiingg..:)

Need to go liaoxx.. Bb!:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 9:What are your thoughts after watching the 7 NDP Filmlets?

For the video featuring on Taxi Driver ....
Actually,I feel proud and honoured that SIngapore has a Taxi driver like the woman(Lily Chng).She promotes Singapore to Tourists and she has been driving for about 20 years.Although everything has changed,She still promotes Singapore to the tourists and loves to contribute to the nation.! She is also proud of what she is doing which is good to have such a good taxi driver in Singapore.

Featuring on Ah MENG...
Sam who is the zoo keeper of the zoo, helps to take care of AH Meng . She is a local attraction of singapore and the video shows that she is kind and friendly to the visitors of the zoo.She is also a famous icon as she comes to singapore when she is 8 YEars old and now, she is 47 Years old !She treats singapore as her home although she is exported from other countries.. And she is proud to stay in Singapore!:)

For the video featuring on Samsui Women ...
She came to Singapore in 1936 and she came to Singapore for about 42 years already.She comes to Singapore as she heard that Singapore has a great future and can easily earn money.Although she came here to work as Samsui Woman for only 50 CENTS a day, She still perserves and continues to stay in singapore since she is 18 years old. Now, she is 89 Years old and she stayed in singapore for 71 YEARS !:) And true enough, Singapore has progressed over the years and has a great future Ahead!

For the video featuring on Film Projectionist...
It shows that Mr. Mohd E Zarki Bin Mohd worked in the cinemas since he is 22 and this video actually shows us the developments in singapore. For example, he mentioned that in teh past, there is a need for 7 projectionists but now, there is only a need of 1 projectionist to operate the shows and films.

For the video featuring on Returning Student ...

It shows that MR.Eddie Ler misses singapore although he travels around the world and has once studied in UK.He misses the food and his familyand friends in singapore.!He enjoys his work and the things that he could do (dancing) in singapore!

For the video featuring on Roti Prata..

It is actually about the same with the video showing on Film Projectionist as it shows the development that singapore gone through over the years.It shows us how his shop gets famous over the years with his shop situated in singapore!

For the video featuring on Singaporean Turk ...

Although ms.Ozlem Evren has gone to lots of countries to stay, she still choose to stay and be a citzen in Singapore.She is proud to be a citzen here and talks about various reasons why she wants to stay in Singapore.Firstly, it is safe,clean and accessible.It is also a place where she can promotes her turkish dishes to the singaporeans and lastly, she wants to bring up her kids in singapore.

*My Reflection*
The above videos actually shows us that everyone has a common thought: They are proud to be a singaporean and the Various developments in singapore.After watching the videos, i feel more honoured and proud to be a citizen here!I am happy to be part of singapore and i will contribute more to Singapore!I am also happy the past experiences and contributions that the people have.And although they are from different walks of life, they are proud to be a singaporean which is good !I will also learn to appreciate the things that our ancestors have laid down for us!:) Singapore allows me to excel and achieve my best & I feel proud to be a singaporean!

Singapore ,I love you Always!

************************End of post*********
SY Yuan.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hii.. Finally.. It's cuming t e end of the week... yeahhhhh.. End of stress bt got 2 projects cumin alongg.. so stress... 2morrow still need to go get award..
2day damn funny.. Got one ant crawling on joy's uniform collar . We told her and fab saw tt too.. cos she cant see so i use my finger to try to make it fall off of joy's collar.. bt it crawled inside her uniformm.. Fab and I laughed until like siaoo.. (Im now laughin too.. Cant control my laughter) Then .. it went out.. haha..

Okk.. need to eat dinner liaox... And zi hui, I have completed ur blogskin.. Will send to u noww..

Then class blog is .dead. so will change skin soonn.. For e last time..

And I lost my bottle againn.. hizz.. hopeless lahx..:)
Sy Yuan

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 7:What is your most Singaporean trait?

Adapted from !:)

"It's time we acknowledged that we can be endlessly endearing. ";" We are softies deep down ";"We speak funny";"We’re practical to a fault";"We are competitive in a good way";"We live on hope and a prayer" .. Do these above seems familiar to u? Hope they do!:)

My Most singaporean Triat is actually"We are competitive in a good way".

Because,Singapore actually wants to acheive its best by wining lots of award .An example is the World Airport award where singapore is always on the top 3 List. Changi Airport has achieved 250 Awards and is recognised as one of the best airports in the world. Changi Airport operates 80 airlines serving more than 180 cities in over 50 countries, Changi Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. When Terminal 3 begins operations in 2008, Changi Airport will have an annual handling capacity of more than 64 million passengers.Thus, because of competition from other countries, Changi airport has been upgraded a few times to meet the standard and to attract tourists ! Similary, Changi Airport is now converting into an education and shopping district which will attract more tourists . Together with the hugh numbers of resturants avaliable in Changi Airport, it is the one of the best airport in the world.

Secondly,due to compeition from other countries,Singapore decided to build IR(Intergrated Resorts) at Marina Bay and Sentosa.This will again attract more tourists to come to Singapore to visit this clean and green country.

Thirdly,Singapore keeps emphasis on litter free and having people to be fined when they litter. This is to keep the country clean and to give tourists a good image of singapore.

Fourly, Singapore has also achieved various awards like"Best Airport”, “Busiest Port”, “World’s Most Global City” , which is also part of a compeition towards other countries.

We are also the least corupted country in Asia and also a racial harmony country where 4 different races(Eurasian,Chinese,Malay,Tamil) live together with peace and harmony.

Lastly,We also always upgrade our transportation systems and is so convenient to travel from place to place. (I.E. when we want to go to Jurong from Pasir Ris, We just have to take an Hour train to travel to out destination !)Transportation like Taxis ,Buses,MRT(Mass Rapid Transit) are convenient transports that we can travel around Singapore!

And of course, above are all in a good way , not a bad way and this will actually encourages us to excel further. For example, we have to study ahrd to acheive better grades!This is some sort of encouragement that we have to give to one another in order to do better!:)

Sy Yuan

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Blog Battle Topic for Week 6:When you are overseas, what do you miss about Singapore?
Adapted frm SG, Website.

okk.. Actually, i miss the litter-free surroundings and together with the beauty that singapore has. The plants created the greenery scenery which make us feel comfortable and fresh after looking at the plants around us.I also miss the shows that are broadcasted on our tvs and the wide variety of radio channels that singapore has. They are exciting and listening at radio broadcast would allow us to improve our languages. Next,I miss the sense of secure that singapore has and of course, the friendly neighbours living around us.I will also miss the convienent transportation that singapore has which will easily bring us to our destination.And of course, the HDB flats that we could find all around singapore!:) And the variety of food that we could find in all hawker centres!


Monday, June 25, 2007

hii.. finally.. Its e start of e schh.. andd.. its time to CHIONGGGG!!...

Didnt do anything 2day.. sleep e whole dayy..

And.. new timetable has been given outtt... yipeee..! so happii.. finally changedd...:)

kk.. Tis is e post for e monthh... NEXT post will be in JULY! Remember to look out for it and TAGGGGG!! kk?? bb.

June's goin to end soon nnnn...

And tis blogskin will last me till e end of e yearr..:) too lazy to changee.. haha..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

and there's sth wrong wif my com./. suddenly, my msn turned OFFLINE... Hizzz... dunno wat happeneddd... okkk.. realli need to sleep liaoxzz.. byeee..
elo.. Im still down with the stupid and sickening feverr.. Lucky, i still left wif a little bit of hw.. need to rush finish everything 2morrow.. Since thurs, im down wif fever... hizz..
Thurs , i slept damn long and when i woke up, i kena fever.. Yesterday, went JB.. Evening fever .. and today 2 times down wif fever bt no choice , need to go AMK for course as 2day is last day and it costs $23 for each lessonn..

Yeahh.. I finally received my CERT!! for e course.. Im qualified for the qualificationn.. Yeahhh!!:) so happii.. Then, took 88 to sengkang to see my cousin.. Shes like damn tall liao lol but still veri veri cute.. can walk liaoo..

hahaa.okk.. need to go sleep liaoo.. Didnt even study this whole holiday .. dont knoe wat im busy wiff... so sianz and angryy.. i tink i will retain for sec 3 loll.. loll..

okkk.. byeee.. fever returns agaiiinnn......ahhhh..aahhh...:(

And.. I dunno whether im goin back to sch on Monday.. hizzz.. die liaooo.. Fever ....hizzzzzzzzz

Sy Yuan

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm sittin' here all by myself
just tryin' to think of something to do
Tryin' to think of something, anything
just to keep me from thinking of you
But you know it's not working out
'cause you're all that's on my mind
One thought of you is all it takes
to leave the rest of the world behind

Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did

I'm sittin' here tryin' to convince myself
that you're not the one for me
But the more I think, the less I believe it
and the more I want you here with me
You know the holidays are coming up
I don't want to spend them alone
Memories of Christmas time with you
will just kill me if I'm on my own

Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back

I know it's not the smartest thing to do
we just can't seem to get it right
But what I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight
One more chance tonight

I'm sittin' here tryin' to entertain myself with this old guitar
But with all my inspiration gone it's not getting me very far
I look around my room and everything I see reminds me of you
Oh please, baby won't you take my hand
we've got nothing left to prove

Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did

And I didn't mean to meet you then
we were just kids
And I didn't mean to give you chills
the way that I kiss
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back but I know you did
Don't say you didn't love me back 'cause you know you did
No, you didn't mean to love me back
But you did
Hiii.. I'M finally Back!! kk.. well, its a very fun camp but too relaxed liao lahh.. bt at the end of the day, its not bad lahh..Thanks to the F&B , we do not have to cook meals for ourselves and i should say, its VERY VERY delicious!! Must thank me ahh.. i seldom compliment pple 1 horr..

..1st Day ..

-Left home at 7AM.

-Board bus to sch at 7:10 and reach at 7:30AM

-Briefing till 8:30am

-Sec 1,2 cum up for briefing.

-Official opening at 9am.

-Clear up of bunks at 9:30

-Ice breakers and gamess...



-Mass games

- camp fire preparationn..


- Night Walk

- Debrief


-Sleep at 2:30am

..2Nd Day ..

-Wake up at 6Am

-PT till 7-8am


-set off for sentosa at 10:30am

-Reached at 11:05am

-Entered at 11:30am.

-Went back at 4:00pm

-Camp Fire
-Sleep at 2AM

..3RD day..
-Wake up at 6 am.
-Breakfast at 8AM
-Debrief at 9am
-Went home at 10:30AM

hizz.. Its a very very short camp but very tiring.. Now got sorethroat and slight fever .. tink cos becos of e campp..

And our school is damn budget lorr.. Got short circuit then slept e whole night without fans and lights.. ahhhhhh.. Its so damn hot lol..

Amazing race at sentosa... VERY FUN AND changed alot lol.. Hope to go againn..

Slept today from 12-6pm.. I am a long sleeper so cannot blame me for the long sleepp..

okk.. byeee..

Photos will be up on sundayy..:>

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hii! Online 4 fun!:) to check up some things and check my mail lahx..

ANyway, tis blog will be updated 1 Time per month for term3 and term 4 so that the blog will not be jammed due to its colourfulness:) haha..

okk.. need to go liaoo.. bb.:)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hi .. Sy Yuan's here.. Yesterday went to AMK for adobe on course.. It costs $65(3 lessons) lehh.. very ex.. bt no choice.. E lesson veri veri fun and learnt lots of things(ghosy effect alsoo..).. Ended at 1:30Pm and went to AMK Hub to buy lunch..

Then, today rushed all e hw bt cannot finish lehh.. Now findin all the meanings for e words on ..
Well, Camp cumin liao and pple frm melbourne cumin back 2morrow.. Remember to buy things for us ahh.. (X2)!

Added lots of new songs.. Still need to rush physics, Amaths .. yupp..

GOing malaysia again this/ next week lahh..

Ohh yahh.. I just went to melaka on last monday(4TH June) ..

1St day..
*Left hse at 8:30am.. Reached larkin,JB at 10:30am.
*Board KKKL EXPRESS @ 11Am.
*REACHED MELAKA SENTRAL @around 1:30PM.(Veri fast lehh)..
*Check in to Metropole hotel at 2pm.
*Went to walk around at melaka..
*eat at 6pm and went to THE STORE.
* Bought a cake 0.5kg at onli RM 18
*9PM - return to hotel and watch tv.
*10 pm -sleep

*Wake up at 5:30AM
*Watch TV Till 7AM
*Bath and took bus to TAMPIN @8:15-9:15AM.
*went shopping and have breakfast
*Reached afamosa just 4KM away at 11AM.
*took banana bus to AFAMOSA SAFRAI ZOO . Reached at 11:30am
* Go monkey island,watch performances and left at 4pm.
*Reached melaka sentral at 6pm.
*eat &sleep

*Wake up at 6am.
*watch tv
*pack up
*walk around and saw an iguana .!!on the road!
*packed up and went to melaka sentral at 11
*Reached at 11:30
*board KKKL EXPRESS at 12:30pm
*reached JB(LARKIN) AT 3:30PM(only 19 pple on board!)
* Board BUS 170 @4:30PM
*Reached simei at 6:20PM!

hizz.. actually.. most of the time was sleeping and shopping!! haha.. relaxed alot lol..well, ok then.. need to continue to find meaning liaoo.. byee..

Photos will be uploaded soon cos i cant find my digicam cable lahx..:)

Sy Yuan

Saturday, June 09, 2007

elo.. Now at AMk..

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Current status::Disk CLEANUP of Blog ;Upgrading Blog.

Do not click anything within this area of post.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hi there! I'm just promoting/selling 4 PC GAMES . However, I just bought it today but im unable to load to my computer as it does not meet my system requirements.They are new and all have not been downloaded or played on the computer.

The 4 GAMES are::
1.Flying CROPS GOLD(Flying game)
2.Shooting game

System requirements for the downloading::!
Windows 95/98
CPU TYPE & SPEED : Pentium 166
Memory : 32 MB
HARD Drive Space : 80 MB
Cd Room Speed : 4X Or faster
Video Card : 3D Hardware Accelerator with 4MB
Sound card : Direct X Compatible.

Note: I'm Selling it at an offer price of SGD$3 but i purchase at $6.90. If interested, pls email to

Thank You

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hiii!:) Welcume! 3 years ago... It was when i started this blogg.. with this address.. Of course, i start blogging since i'm P5 lahh..:) okk..

Planted my Hydroponic plant since last week.. Yesterday, Roots grew out liao.. TOday, 1st leaf grew out, At 4PM today, 2nd leaf grew out!hhaha.. expecting for e 3rd leaf then shift the plant to e next stage lahh
Yesterday went to sign up for Passion card and a computer course(A.P) .. haha.. expecting the course soonn.. Bt it cost very ex lahh,. $70+ lehh.. bt its worth it lahh.. From 10am - 1 pm (3 SATURADAYS)! haha..

ok.. need to eat liao.. will change my blogskin on sun lahh.. REMEMBER TO VISIT & TAG! And .. I tink i got time lahh..:) kk.. byee

Saturday, May 26, 2007


okk.. uploaded a new video based on e trip on hydroponic farm.. All taken by me lahh.. ok.. Below is e video lahh..

Hii people..

Yesterday went expo lahh.. Went there wif my aunty then left after an hour due to the bad stomachache.. Reached home feelin very sick maybe cos of the oily smell there.. Feel like vomitting bt didnt lahh..Then , Was ok at Around 6pm and have dinner then sleep..

Today, watched Korean show from 9am to 11am.. Finally finished watchin the show... Very nice ending lehh bt the worst mistake is that the writer keep turning around e bushh.. haha..
Then painted a Antique car which i built for a few dayss... After paintin, very very nice lehh.. Now tto late liao.. Cannot capture clear photos(crap excuse lahh) haha.. so will take 2morrow and post online..

Then Planted hydroponic plants since thursday and nothing happened.. hizzz... Waiting and waiting.... Bt wont grow mosquitoes 1 ritee?? haha..

ok.. now downloadin a free trial software lahh..:) ok.. then byeeeee..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

2morrow still got PTM.. hizz.. Sianz lol.. My schedule @ 12PM lehh.. So sianzzzz...:) 2morrow dun knoe got cum to sch or not lahh.. See 1stt... :) haha.. ok.. That's ittt..


Skin may be changed on sat lahh..See 1st got time or nottt..


Oh my gosh..
I just opened my mail from Sg EXPO and.. There are lots of events coming up soon.. Listen/LOOK carefully below::

Hall 4B
25-May-07 to 27-May-07
Start Time: 09:00; End Time : 21:00

2. Food FAIR!!!!!:)
Hall 5
25-May-07 to 29-May-07
Start Time: 11:00; End Time : 22:00

3.Expo BRANDED SALES(Clothes.bags)
Foyer 2
Level 2
25-May-07 to 29-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

Hall 4A
25-May-07 to 31-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

5.Great Indonesian Sale
Hall 6B
25-May-07 to 28-May-07
Start Time: 10:00; End Time : 22:00

siao lol.. So many exhibits!!!!!!!!Im going mad liao.. Will go Expo at 6pm 2morrow then go Food fair first to EAT! and then go guardian..Next day then go again lah since my house is just 10 mins walk away:) I live at simei bahh..:)

Time's realli fast ... It's end of term 2 in 25 HOURS TIME!!! Yipee...

Ok then..



And... TAG!:)Hhaa...

Sy Yuan
Today went to Hydroponic Farm!Very nice trip bt it's too FARRR... Next time go nearer one ok..? Ok .. and reached there around 10am. Saw many pple taking bads of veggies:) haha.. Then, go around the farm.. Captured some photos which are shown in the sildeshows beloww:)

Next, Bought a starter kit for hydroponic plantt.. SGD$4 lehh.. actually dont want to buy 1 then saw tiff buy , then i bought one with the tomato seeds. When they are grown successfully, i will treat u all kk? haha..:)

Then , went home at 12:10pm and watch dramas:)

Now blogging haha...

kk.. byee

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ok.. For a start.. Depression has occured againnnnnn........Hateeee My results..... My Emaths gotten A B3 .. Well, sorry ... I didnt do veri well then... That's too badd.. Then my comb humanities also didnt do quite well bt Gotten an A. Elaine 变态 1, she gotten A1 Then same mark as her s.s... Shittt... haha.. Then bio, lost to 9 PEOPle, bt satisified lahh.. Never mind will work harder and score better at end of year...

Today, ms lim says 2 pple will haf to go back to sch during holidays.. I will be one of them.. Dont need to say 1 .. I failed twice liao lol.. Calculated my average,... well, very bad .. lahhhhhh.......

Now, what can i do is to sit and relax till end of next month then studyy:):)

hmm.. Malcolm cheat 1, he gotten 3rd,!For maths! Shittt lolll... Bt good job man! this time got sth wrong.. sth blockin my view to do better.. so must go temple and pray lahh..

Hope to Get better grades for end of yearrr!!

And then, today chem lesson abt Chemical equation!:) Quite fun bt complicated...

Went homee @ 12:20Pm.. Went to Food court to eat!Nice nice!! And walked home drenched cos of the heavy rain..

From 2pm-now, i haf been watchin korean Dramas:)haha.. Very nice lehh..:)

2morrow goin Hydroponic fARM.. dont feel like goin 2morrow:).. And ,some people dont want to go horr..:) Well, Will get report cards on Friday:))..

Ok... need to go liaoo:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hizz... DEPRESSEDDDDDD... I flunk all my testsss... Expectin for an A for my chem bt it turned out as.... Then 0.5 Marks to Another grade also cannot give.. Hizz... Dont 烦我。我已经很烦了。。。。But seriously lahx... very sad liao.. Then my physics passed... lucky lahx .. And El Passed!:) Bt saw my COmb.Humanities ... Hizzzz... Very bad lahh... dont say liao.. 2morrow see then know liao... Realli HATE my resultss...... Hizzzzzz... S***...

Well, Today no mood lah, then some pple ask me y i like so downtrodden today... Didnt reply them bt thanks for ur concern anyway.. Sad cos my result mahh... MY L1R5 will be affected by these resultsssss.. Hizz... Now very sad saddd... So when see me, SMILE.!

I tink my bio,emaths will get C6/FAIL lah... Expected lah.. cant set so high targets... I knoe i die liaooo... Serious lah... Cos some subjects just turn out like...:( Hizz... SADDDDDDDD...Cant blame me lah cos i put in sooo much effort in studyin then it turned out...:*(


Well, Today test pple HTML Code.. hizz... No one as brillant as me:)(Boastlah) .. Cant blame me.. i so sad liao so let me boast a while lahh... Ok... Test them how to insert like color word then whats the code for it.. They are like so blurr..:)

haha... Happi lah.. I made up my mind.. GOING POLY!To take up IT course bt seriously.. i have been very very interested in Poly courses esp. IT and i made tremedous progress in IT... Not bad lahh.. Got the interest and passion there so Will go CC take up some computer courses to learn more!

Today got council meet lah. $10 FOR 3 DAYS , 2 NIGHTS camp food???! How is it possible...?? Glenn was like kena shocked when he saw thiss... It was like MAD lah,... Nvm.. will make fun of him to treat us:) haha...

Went home watch Korea drama.. Not bad lahh.. the show.. Very interesting n relax :)

Must upgrade myself in IT since im so interested lahh..

Gettin depressed to get my results... realli realli bad.. no mood to get liao lahh/.... NO more hope liaoooooo.. Must find my HOPE!~ Nvm.. will take some time:) Faster give me hope!!:)

No more mood to continue liaooo... bb

Saturday, May 19, 2007

hiii!:) hizz.. 2day went to TECC for project then went out again to IKEA. On the bus, i gave my seat to an woman.. See i so guai... Bt actually i wanted to just give her the inner seat bt she took e 2 seats on SMRT bus.. Angerr but i still so guai.. Give my seat to her .. Then , at ikea , went to buy A computer chair @128 SGD.Before discount, it was 289SGD now, offer lahx.. Not bad:) then bought it.. Now my dad fixing the chair ..:) very nice leh and comfortable:).. kk.. Then, went to Giant ... It was DAMNNNN bigg and very windy(I mean e Air con there).. Shop there for 2 hrs , bought a long pant:)Then went home @ 7pm.. Reached Tampines MRT at 7:30PM.. Reached home at 8pm .. Now typin lahx:) Realli enjoy myselff:) Very happi todayy..

**I knoe that i have been typing smilies in this post today.. haha.. i also dunno y lah:)(haha.. again).

kk.. Actually, didnt earn much these few days thus we need ur help! Just click on any ads found on this blog as many times as u can! Then , in this way , i can buy my software to upgrade myself... Thank you if u help me lahxx...

kk.. Listenin to Yes 93.3.FM.

haha... Thank you for ALL UR TAGS esp. Corrina,Elaine and X2(OR2X) same lah..

ok... tt's it,.. Try e new chair now bahh.. can move back 1:)


Sy Yuan

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hiii! By looking around at everyone's blog on my linkages on my blog, i tink im the onli one who has been updated DAILY and changed skin 2 times since 5 days! Haha:)

Hizz.. Today give back chinese.. Saw Qiu Mei's blog few minutes ago... Hizz.. B4 LEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. sad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... WHAT HAPPENNEDDDDDDDD??????!!!Dont ask me... I also dont knoeee..

Then, as expected, failed physics! haha.. at first feel sad lahx then after that i overxcome it soon cos i expected e result to be like thatt.. !

Then, A.maths got A2 .. YEAHHH!!! Didnt expect/... Thought i failed like a pile of shit.. Bt i didnt .. YEAHHHHHH!!

Then biology paper 1 got A1.. hizz.. Expected lahx(Boast lahh):)

Ai yahh,.. Dont care liao..

Blog BLOG!!! :)

2morrow and sunday going out:)
Yeahh.. all e subjects that i scared most are finally REVEALED! haha.. so happi:) L1 R5... Die liaooooooooo... I tink tis time more than 20+ lehh..

Then , Glenn win me most of subjects lol.. Fed up ahh... All by 1 -10 marks.. Hizzzzzzzzz.....

Sad lahh..

Bt sorry to spam such a nice and wonderful blog!:)

And again, this serves as a warning to all those spammers who have been spamming my blog e past few days 2gether with my friends quiz.,,
1. tag onli if u want. No one is forcing u here. All spam messages/tags will be delected automatically without considering and ur IP code will be blocked by the system. Thus, u will not be allowed to tag anymore..
2.About the friends quiz, dont take if u dun feel like.

ok.. that's it lahxx..

bt if u want any skins/templates, u can try by searching thru google or any links found on this blog. Thank you and hope u can find what u want to find!:)

THats it,.. Sleeping time:)

kk.. byee:)
hiii! In sch liaox/.... Latrer give back a.mathgs & bio /.// hizz... die liaoxcx....

ok.. need to go for recess liao


Sy Yuan

Thursday, May 17, 2007

4 days so fast over liao.. That day CHINESE LC, i die already.. 2 qns wrong liaooo........AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........
I tink i die liao...... my marks... 2morrow get back papers lehh..
I will die in Physics, Chemistry , E.MATHS, A.MATHS......etc...

Dieeee liaoooooXX

ok... need to sleep liaox ,

SY Yuan


Hiii! I'm back!!!!!!!!! Skin changed liaoxxxxxxxxxx....... So happii... Veri colourful riteeee??????? Veri Nice riteeeeeeee??????? Hahhahahhahahahhaxxxxxxxxx... Veri happi lehhh.....:) ... Hahha.. Changed EVERYTHINGGGG!!!!!!!Yeahhhhhhhxxhxhhxx...

HAHA.... bt 2morrow need to go sch liaox

later going out liao.... HAHA....

Spend 4 hrs doing this skin~!!!!!!!!:):)



Sy yuan
hiii.. wake up so early just to change skinn...

And added some ADs lahhx..

Well, so sianzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Feel like going out today lolssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.........


Well ok, thats it.. I online @Msn till 9Am or so... then i go out liaooooooo.. YEAHHHHHHHHH/...

ok.. that's ittttttttttttt.....'

थांक यू

Sy Yuan

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hiixxx... Blogger is back to normal liaoxx

hehaha... Just now click hindi , then all e words appear in tamil... Guess what's the folowinggg::

वेल्कोमे !!!

haha.. goit it??? E answer is WELCOME!



Sy Yuan