Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wordpress Blogs have higher pagerank than blogger.

I've visited lots of my friends' wordpress blog and i can conclude that wordpress blogs got higher pagerank than blogger..

I ponder for a while... Isn't blogger belongs to Google?

And i've tried all means.. Putting my blog link on forum signature, advertising on blogs and more and exchange link but it just doesnt work. It still remains at zero.(Luckily there's no negative rank)

yea.. perhaps my blog isnt so likeable by google? I dunno.

And i just want a higher pagerank. that's what i request.

It does not mean that higher pagerank = more linkage to your blog. My friend who doesnt have any links got a pagerank of 2. And yes, perhaps her content is better than mine?!

And .. yes.. I'm going to start a new blog.. At wordpress by the way and hopefully, pagerank higher? Hope so?

Do support our new blog by placing our new blog's link on ur blog too? Okays?

yea.. Thanks!!

Will post the link here really soon..!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, a month ago, i joined a contest "YES, I'm A singaporean". And here's what i've won!

a Bag


A T-SHIRT(enlarged)

Though its a pretty too late to post, haha.. but i still posted. Just recieved this badge yesterday:)

And that's all!:)

And my winning entry is @



Hey! JAE results have been out and which school have you been posted to? Hope it is a great school that you hope for! Anyway,if it isnt your choice, go: and appeal!

And any SP here? Leave comments!Thanks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Concrete Cleaner

Have you experienced a time when you accidentally stain the carpets or floor with beverages and do not know how to remove the stains ?Well, I have experienced this before and no matter what I do, I just cannot remove the ugly stains. I am lucky to discover concrete cleaning which specialises in removing stains on floors.

For example, you just can’t use bleach and water to remove hugh amounts of blood stains because it won't go away. And I have learnt that I have to use HD Alkaline Cleaner to remove hugh amounts of blood stains. And not only can you know how to remove the different types of stains, you can even purchase the solutions immediately online and it is delivered on the next day with free US shipping! I am also advised to prevent from hurting myself when I use harmful acidic solutions.

Lastly,I feel that this is an excellent site for us to learn more about the different kinds of solutions to remove any types of stains ranging from tire marks to Biological matter!

So, why not visit the site for more information on removing other kinds of stains?

Good luck !


Hey! I was pretty happy today that i can return to position at CC to use my laptop! Haha.. after days of visiting , i am quite glad that this has come to an end..

But pretty disappointed that next monday, i will have to go back to school.. So sad ...

Yeahh.. camp at malaysia and then orientation..

Haizz.. Shouldnt have taken DPA.. Regrets..:)

ok . that's all.. Bye!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Custom Embroidery

Well, I have been thinking of a way to promote my blog and this can be done through name cards, flyers and t-shirts. But nowadays, it is quite difficult to find companies which are reliable and deliver their goods fast! Hence, I am glad that I managed to discover which produces embroidered products !

So, you may be wondering, what is so special from other companies?

You can have your company's logo printed on polo t-shirts or hats and you are assured that your goods ordered will be delivered within days. Besides, satisfaction is guaranteed in terms of the quality of the goods so why not you give it a try to promote your company too?

Best of all, payment can be made easily through Visa, MasterCard and AMEX and there are no setup fees and minimum order!

Good luck!

go cny visits

Hey. I went to so many places today , travelling up to 65 mins from Simei to ang mo kio to visit my relatives! And then, have so many goodies and recieve so many red packets this year! So happy!

Anyway, i've recieved my e-badge for my contest and have uploaded it below my glory times column! Quite nice , yeah! ANd we'll paste it on this column on the next post:)And the items i have recieved!!!:)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are you someone who often goes diving or visit the fishes underwater? If you are one of those who always go diving in deep sea, I will recommend you to visit - Online Scuba Community to hook up more friends who have the same hobby and interest as you!

Of course, you will feel bored going diving yourself so why not make more friends on and perhaps, one day, you and your newly made friends will go diving together?

If you visit the website, you will be exposed to more diving sites that you may not have gone there before and view the beautiful diving pictures that other divers have taken!

Good Luck and have fun!

tired CNY

yeah.. i was so tired today that i did not go out for visiting today! haha! pretty love the quietness and atmosphere of new year. Anyway, tomorrow will be the reopening of the school day so good lucks to all those who are still schooling...

feeling so bored now and really want to take a bath soon!:)

See ya! Bye!


When i first visited , i love the design and layout of the website as it gives the visitor a clear and concise direction of where to go about. Basically, when you visit the site, you can either upload or download movies. Of course, you have to pay a small sum of money to download the movies and this can be done through PayPal . Easy, isn't it?

Well, you just have to create an account for this to work and the process is quite safe with all the SSL Certificates like GODADDY .And after some payment, you just have to download movies to your PC so it is pretty easy and fast. You don't have to worry about shipping charges or worry whether the item will be lost. You just have to meet the system requirements!

So, why not you give it a try? Good Luck!

happy CNY

Finally done with all the visiting and stuff... feeling so bored at home and dont know if i want to order pizza hut later:) haha!

ANyway, wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All the best to 2009!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Elite Weddings Cyprus

Have you been thinking of a wonderful and memorable place where you can organise your wedding? Well, I will recommend you to organise it at Cyprus.

So, you might be wondering, why should i organise my Dream Weddings In Cyprus?!

I was pretty amazed by the hugh variety of services provided by Elite Weddings Cyprus. At Cyprus, you can choose different sceneries like Beach, Taverna ,Yacht and exclusive weddings at a high class restaurant to hold your wedding function.

And i can say that they are really professional in the way they organise wedding events as the packages include hair treatment, cakes, transport and photography.

So, if you are really interested in the packages, why not drop by the website to find out more? Best of all, there are many methods for payment like Visa and many other credit card companies.

Wish you all the best to your wedding day at Cyprus!
Hey! I was so busy with all the new year preparation that i was too busy to blog! haha!

So, anyway, tomorrow will be CNY! FINALLY! And just wishing everyone a happy new year!

Yes, and all the best to 2009! Good lucks!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

optimize traffic

I am very sure that all bloggers want more more traffic to their blog but very frustrated with only 20 visitors daily or monthly? So, the purpose of me here is to inform you of ways to 100% MAXIMISE UR TRAFFIC Without posting any posts or advertise on forums.

So, you may be wondering, okok.. cut the crap, tell me quick , HOW?


Basically, to keep you in suspense, we will reveal one method first:) haha.. Me also want traffic okay?And higher pagerank..

So, link us first!(Show us some support/appreciation):)

Our link:: just copy the whole link down..

Not occupying your space too much..


Method 1:
Basically, you just have to surf for either 15 sec/20 sec to continue to next website.And just click on verification code to continue surfing.. And that's it.. Just convert credits into visitors / traffic.

So, not only can you earn $0.30 for every 1000 pages visited, you can also earn credits and more!

So, click banner to join!
Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Yes, we will be back with part 2 so, do continue to visit this web page! Will be releasing it very very soon!


YES.. Below is my favourite song : PK! Very nice and meaningful!

ANyway, we will be replacing the google translate soon because it has messed up our html so... we will be installing the new translate soon!

All the best!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Simply Link Only Campaign

Are you searching for an additional place to store your items but afraid of troubling your neighbours for more storage area? Well, look no further! I will recommend you to store your items at the available mini storage facilities. So, if you visit the website, you will be able to search for the nearest self storage facilities to your house or fill up the online form and I am sure that this will save you lots of space. Similarly, if you are interested to know more about Simply Self storage, just ring them up.

Enjoy living in a more conducive and spacious environment!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, if you have installed McAfee 's antivirus, i'm sure that you have observe that the site Advisor turns from grey to green which means our site is safe from threats,pop-ups and downloads. So, you see.. Like what i have always say, your safety is our pirority! So, i'm extremely happy for the GREEN SITE ADVISOR that we have gotten!

Thank you McAfee and we will continue our high security level!

That's all!


Yesterday(20 jan), I went to GV VIVOCITY to catch the sneak preview( Gala Premiere) of "LOVE MATTERS"(幸福万岁)all thanks to OMY.SG and i can say that it is a nice movie that you should catch just before Chinese New Year.

I went at 7:50 Pm to collect my tickets and this is what i saw just before an hour of the screening of the movie...

Crowded isn't it? haha!

Don't be mistaken! All these are not the cinema audience but are the supporters of the cast and the director of Love Matters! I was so surprised too!

And at 9pm, the official screening time of the movie, the director ( Jack Neo) and all the actors and 972FM DJ also come to the cinema to meet us and say hello! And yes... The show officially starts !

Since the movie has not been shown yet, we won't spoil the mood of anxiety!

So, what is LOVE MATTERS about?

The Moral of this movie in short is about husband and wife should treasure each other's long term relationship and should not betray one another. Similarly, since parents are role model, they should not do anything wrong or else the children will also follow suit! It also tells us to think of other people's feelings before we do anything so as to prevent another party from getting hurt.

What i love most about this movie is that it talks about not only the parents, it also talks about the relatives and child which is effective for all ages to know the importance of treasuring each other and of course, all of them ended up with their love ones .

This movie is also very humorous in the sense that no one expects the uncle who always flirt to have a mother in law in real world who is very horrible and terrifying in his nightmares.And of course, this teaches him a lesson not to flirt around and to treasure and settle down.
All in all, most parts of the movie is humorous as there is a use of hokkien, thai language by Mark Lee and chinese.
However, it is NC16. So if you are still kids yet,that's too bad for you!

So, why not grab your tickets for LOVE MATTERS Movie now?!

Showing in Cinemas on 22 JAN 2009!

Visit for more information on the movie!

Why not take a look at the trailer first?

Connecting People

Hey! Are you intending to organise some team building activities in order to train leaders or build bond between your employees ?

Well, if you do not know which activities to conduct, i will recommend you to purchase TOOBEEZ Teambuilding tools . This is because not only does it encourage creative thinking, it also enhances problem-solving skills through various activities.

And it is suitable for all ages including senior citizens!

In addition, Trainers, HR Executives, Camps, OT's, PT's, Schools, and Churches have tried out and loved this Program so why not give it a try? Perhaps you may like it too!

yes, went out for lunch just now.Eat so many things like fish ball noodles and rice!:)

So, got a nice meal and now blogging AGAIN.

kinda bored when school is reopening on 02.02.2009!! And camp at Malaysia on 10-12! yay!

So excited!

And yes... new year is finally coming!!

Thats all! Bye!

Wilmington NC Luxury Real Estate

Thinking of purchasing a house lately ? Well, look no further !

If you are really considering to purchase a house in Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate , well, just click on the link and look for a house that you desire. You can either choose to search listings according to your preferred type of home and the agent will contact you soon! The service is free of charge too!

In addition, you can also view the featured residences and 1 thing that i pretty love is that it gives you an idea of the number of beds, the square feet of the house and the price that they are offering to buyers! It also provides a detailed description of the house and the images are also well taken, showing you the living rooms and other parts of the house.

The website also provides useful buyer tips which is suitable for new and first time buyers!

However, it only offers services to areas like Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.

Good luck and hope you will be able to find your dream home very soon!
I went to VivoCity GV yesterday! It was such a tiring day after 2 hours of movie and the cinema was so small!Anyway, because i look so young(which i admit), the person ahs to check my IC and i digged out all my things to find my wallet! Doing a review for" Love Matters" later!

It's a nice movie! Highly recommended! So, watch it on 22 jan 09!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

jewelry help

Do you know that you have to scrub,clean,polish your jewels regularly? If you ask me whether i have done so, i can admit that i did not!And don't send your precious jewels to shops where they will help you clean. It does not work this way because firstly, you have to pay more than $50 for just polishing it and secondly,they may lost your precious 1 billion dollars jewel!

And if you do not know where to start from, don't worry! Just go to jewelry care and pay some dollars to learn how to clean your jewels!Honestly speaking, it won't burn a big hole in your pocket, so why not learn it now?

All the best!


So happy with myself that i have done quite lots of things for the CNY coming just around the corner! Anyway, went to MICA yesterday! I didnt know that it was just in front of Fort Canning Park!And it was so nice!

Ok .. That's all.. Will fill in more !

logo logo

We want to thank Logo Design Guru for our logo design. It has really helped us get started with our company’s branding.

Check it out @ to create yours today!

Monday, January 19, 2009

So, remember last saturday, i mention about that i went to harvey norman at NOrthpoint Shopping Centre on 17 jan 2009 ?It was reopen after renovation and i rushed down from tampines at 6:30am . Reached there at 8am and we reserved our place there before going for breakfast. And when we returned at 9am, people started queueing up maybe because of the $10 vouchers giveaways!

And at 10am (an hour before the store opens), more than 100 people queuing up. So, here are our rewards for being the first to enter the new store and the first in the queue:

Yes, got all items first! Bought a 40" sony TV @ $1799 with all the vouchers and audio system free, a HP printer ,scanner @ $88 , A telephone japan brand @ $1 and a Samsung washing machine @ $199 ! WOrth it, isnt it?

Reinventing America

I love the way how Michael expresses his thoughts and bringing in links from Barack Obama's " a change you can believe in" which allows us to believe in better future and the changes which will be made to America.And the website provides an infomative and rich content of what is happening to America.In addition, he also gives views and comments from different sources like newspapers and online websites which is beneficial for us to know more about our country's history !

I am also inspired by the way he writes his feelings on changes and Reinventing America!

Good Job and I hope more people will bring the message home or spread to their friends!

All the best!

new blogskin

finally completed with most parts of the blogskin! So happy and thanks for all the reviews that you all have done! Anyway, we have added chinese songs for chinese new year since it is around the corner. So, if you do not like it, please switch it off at the right side of the blog. And, we have new advertisers for this week so, yeah.. support! haha!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

New blogskin

yes... we are almost done with the new blogskin! YEAHH! So tired now...

Anyway, enjoy the new blogskin and give us your comments!

Bye!Will continue tomorrow!

Retailers Forum

Have you heard before Retailers Forum? Well, hope you have heard about it before!

For those who have not heard about it ,you may be wondering, what is Retailers Forum?

It is a great site for merchandise suppliers,overseas sourcing and helping sellers to source for buyers nationwide!It is also beneficial for both buyers and sellers because buyers can find for the cheapest items in local and international while sellers can find buyers with the Salesman's Guides and Chain Store Guide directories. Advertisers can post their ads on anything including jewelleries and gifts.

Lastly, I feel that the content of the monthly issue is excellent because it also publishes informative content which is suitable for those who are suffering from the economic crisis.

And best of all,you will recieve Free copy of Retailers Forum Magazine monthly!

So, what are you waiting for? Register yours now!


I just had my dinner and now lazing around , busily blogging! Blogging is a fun activity, because not only does it simulate my mind to think, it also helps to improve my english. Don't you think so?

Anyway, bought lots of things from Harvey Norman. I bought a printer, a phone and a 40 Inches sony TV! It was a rich shopping experience..

So, what have you been busy with?


When i visited a website selling paintball, i was fascinated by the wide variety of goods available for purchase!And with the economics downturn nowadays, i was glad that i stumbled upon this website by chance. This is because there were large amounts of offers given!

And Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, Spyder Pilot are some of the hot selling items online!

I tried searching for the prices for paintball sniper and found that it was quite worth it because you can save hundreds of dollars when you purchase from them!

And best of all, a free shipping is awarded to you for online purchases above $99 !You can also pay via Paypal or credit cards! If you have any difficulties, no worries because there is a Live help that you can communicate with the sales agent!

Most importantly, the website assures you that you will experience safe shopping because it is protected by MC AFFEE !

I have experienced paintballing myself and i really enjoy it with my friends!And it is quite a safe sport so why worry when playing?

Therefore, why not go online and check out the prices yourself? Hope you will enjoy!


I went to Harvey Norman today this morning, waking up at 6am in the morning and took a bus with my parent to somewhere in the north! It was so tiring yet worth it! We went around and managed to go to a coffee shop and have my breakfast! It was so tasty and so cheap! I will recommend you the place later!

Look out for this blog, okays?!

See you!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, have you watched before Anime?I am sure you have watched before.

Anime was founded since 1917 and was slowly spread to other regions of the world. It started in Japan and was either hand-drawn or computer animated ! Of course, with the advancement in technology, anime are usually computer animated !

Sometimes, I feel that Anime is more interesting than dramas as they may have a strong message which is intended to spread to the audience or for entertainment purposes!

And the question is :Have you read anime online before? If you have not done so, well, I suggest you start with this Naruto Manga ! Although the Manga is pretty long with over 430 chapters, it is quite interesting as it looks like comics and attractive to read on! I started with chapter 1 and was startled with the graphics as they are well drawn and the time required to draw these anime takes lots of time to do so! Besides, the image is clearly drawn and is in english, not japanese!

Most of these anime chapters are downloadable but if you do not have the time to finish reading all of the chapters at one time, you can either favourite this website or download the chapters and save in your desktop!

In addition,if you know how to draw anime, I will suggest that you sign up and start uploading your anime chapters! This is because you can get 5¢ per chapter uploaded and if that chapter gets 5000 views, you will get 10¢ !

I hope this will spark your interest in anime and hope you will enjoy reading!

old chang kee

Thanks for all the concerns from everyone.. I was sick since sunday after eating sotong nuggets from old chang kee.. At first was just sore throat and then, fever and now cough and flu.. It was terrible to fall sick!!!And now surfing the website for more news and information on current news...!

Anyway, may be going courts tomorrow.. I will see how first!

And it is a busy day for me today!

Beauty Reviews Site

Have you been to a website about Nutrisystem ?Well, I love this website because it provides an informative and rich content on the latest Diet Programs !

So, what is it about?
It is a weekly online publication addressing topics related to skincare, health, fitness, bath and body, hair care and etc so in this way, i feel that i can learn more about how to keep our body in shape.

In addition,if you are putting on weight and do not know where to start from so as to slim down,I will suggest you to visit this website! And if you have plenty of time and want to find out more about health , i will suggest you to visit the website to read on the articles!This will help you to know more about keeping fit and healthy!Besides,it has a targeted audience which is beneficial to different sexes and age groups.

Best of all, you can also win prizes by subscribing newsletters!

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe the newsletters now!



Yes. Today is Friday.. 1 DAY TO SATURDAY!!!!! Anyway, today is the last day of DAE, so have you applied for the course that you wanted?

Hope you have done so!

And for JCs, school will reopen really fast at 02.02.2009! haha!! It's quite fast for the JCs and hope you have fun in school too!

Good luck and all the best!


If you have been running a car business for years or even centuries, i have great news for you!

So, you may be wondering, what is the great news?

Well, it is to be a member of Collision Repair Network. Everyone knows that Collision Repair Network is a famous repair store located in America and it is reliable and trustable. Nevertheless, it also provides quality services and receive tremendous feedbacks all these years.

So, it is never too late to join the Collision Repair Network.
Below are some terms and conditions that you have to meet in order to be certified as one of the member! They are: written lifetime warranty ,customer satisfaction follow-up system ,minimum 95% customer satisfaction ,approved Business Management System ,Dun & Bradstreet verified ,participate in Annual Audit ,minimum facility requirement--CIC Shop Class A and most importantly , having a 10 years business experience !

However, if you are not running a car business but if you want to service your car or autobody repair , feel free to visit one of the stores located nearest to your residential areas! You just have to enter your zip code into the search bar and it will display the services offered, as well as the payments accepted.

If you still have any queries, feel free to contact them by phone or through email! I am sure that they will be glad to answer them!


Hey! I was pretty busy these few days with my DAE application into poly. Well, i was also sick for almost 6 days , down with flu and cough.. Itw as terribly bad and one of the days, i got fever..

Anyway, we have achieved large numbers of visitors alomst 3000 hits yesterday! Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you again!

And the re-blogskin of this website has been delayed due to some problems. Sorry for that!

Have you been to Well, i can say that it is a vibrant and friendly-user website that allows us,bloggers to earn money from taking opportunities and writing about the content that we are required to write.Sometimes, it can be fun in the way that we write the things that we love to ! And, since i have wrote reviews for other companies, i will share my experience with you. I have wrote before lots of things ranging from travel to health products and business. And i love doing such things because not only can it help me improve my style of writing, it also allows me to know more about the happenings and the new products in the market!

And is about the same as other marketplace in the way that i can reserve the opportunity first ,take a shower and then write about the topic that i have reserved. It is a pretty relaxing job because i do not have to be shouted at or demanded to do the things that i disliked.I am quite satisified with the new layout that payingpost has. It is quite organised and nice!

Well, on newspapers or in media, we know that bloggers make money blogging.Yes,it is true. There are lots of advertising medium like Pay for every post, payperclick and pay per sponsered. And from my rich experience, i am glad that pay for every post exists. This is because you just have to blog about the topic and that's it ! You will recieve the money in your paypal after 30 days! And sometimes, it may be $10 or $20 or even $100 ! So, it is rather pretty easy to earn as long as you stick to the topic and have no grammatical errors!

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You can also check about the qualified posts by clicking here!

For advertisers, why not make an offer too? You can advertise on blogs and i am sure that you will like it too! You can not only gain more exposure, but also hear from us,consumers on what we have commented on your products!

All the best and Good Lucks!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I always love to visit OMY.SG for entertainment news because I will always get the latest news from there and know more about our favourite pop artistes like Lin You Jia and the latest movies launching in Singapore!

So, what are you waiting for? Click this icon above to launch you to OMY.SG Entertainment news!
Enjoy your stay at OMY.SG!
yes, its time for renovation! We'll start our reconstruction of blog tomorrow,

FRIDAY(15 JANUARY 2009) AT 9AM[EST +8] .

So, look out for this space coming your way!

Thank you for your continuous support all these while!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Who says that you can't earn more than anyone if you have a blog?
And who says BLOGGING IS USELESS!!!!!!????????

Well, you just have to know how to SWIM and blog the things that you see when you swim.

SIMPLE , Isnt it?

So, you may be wondering, are you sure that you can earn much like this?


This is NO JOKE!

But you have to be 18 Years and eligible for visa and the best is AIRTICKETS TO Australia and hotel stays will be all paid by tourism board!

Yes, so if you are still interested, there are still:

This is what you have to do:

Write a post of about 300–500 words:
What is your story? (Tell us a little about your background, previous employment, family, where you live.)
What is most important to you in life?
If successful in gaining The Best Job in the World with Tourism Queensland, who will be joining you on your journey to the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef (partner and/or children)?
Tell us about them (partner and/or children).
Anything else you would like to share about yourself.
(Include your photo!)

And if you are really serious about this, apply now! Don't regret and it will be challenging!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Yeahh.. so happy for my results though did badly for some of the subjects....

I AM VERY SURPRISED that my combined humanities got A1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And sad for my A.MATHS...

Yes, So i got L1R5 (WITHOUT CCA DEDUCTION)- 13

YAHHH! So happy for my results and what's next? POLY! YEAHH!:)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


yes, the day is finally arriving.. and i guess ANXIETY.... ANXIETY...ANXIETY Engulfing ME!

And saw the newspaper today that the top 3 scorers will win an IPHONE!

Wahh! I want!!!

Anyway, i want to wish everyone all the best! and good grades to myself too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

lyrics for nice song

yes, we have added a few songs like PK and 看電視 . AND HERE are the lyrics!


翻一翻童年照片真有意思 剛學會走路的我愛看電視

好奇地伸出我的小手指 摸一摸王沙叔叔的胡子

家裡買電視機後好有面子 每天窗外都擠滿鄰家孩子

打開門大大小小一屋子 身邊女孩成了我的新娘子

看啊看著電視 越來越有意思


我看啊看著電視 擁抱未來往事 知心陪我一輩子

黑白變彩色那年我上小四 新兵小傳陪伴我當兵日子

畢業後女友當了早安老師 鄭惠玉得獎我戴方帽子

什麼都有的一個四方盒子 張無忌楊過變了幾個樣子

不平凡的人突破重重限制 生活的最佳配角說感謝詞

 *重唱 *

行情不好我有我的好法子 周末和家人有約看電視

在風雨之後會有天晴時 八仙過海顯神通過日子

傷腦筋現在我的好兒子 他學我當年讀書偷看電視

昨夜我夢到自己抱著孫子 教他摸梁婆婆有沒有胡子

*重唱* *重唱*



这次不让你 call我兄弟飙歌去
情绪谷底 约好姊妹喝香槟

三天不联络 和解要被动
不谈对错 假装没冷战过
想在爱里当主key 要抢到麦克风

三天泪狂流 残局你来收
虽然心疼 不能摊手低头
心思拉扯中 PK寂寞

这次不让你 call我兄弟飙歌去

情绪谷底 约好姊妹喝香槟

三天不联络 和解要被动
不谈对错 假装没冷战过
想在爱里当主key 要抢到麦克风
三天泪狂流 残局你来收
虽然心疼 不能摊手低头
心思拉扯中 PK寂寞

三天不联络 和解要被动
不谈对错 假装没冷战过
想在爱里当主key 要抢到麦克风
三天泪狂流 残局你来收
虽然心疼 不能摊手低头
心思拉扯中 PK寂寞

三天不联络 和解要被动
不谈对错 假装没冷战过
想在爱里当主key 要抢到麦克风
三天泪狂流 残局你来收
虽然心疼 不能摊手低头
心思拉扯中 PK寂寞

* ----*----*


Well, we know that the new ez-link card will be released for sales today and it is so great! Because it is all in one, you can use it for BUSES,TRAINS(IMMEDIATE) ,School canteens, printing services, F&B outlets, Private buses(in 1st Quarter 2009), 7-Eleven convenience stores, ERP, EPS, SMRT Taxis, NLB library branches and MacDonald's Restuarants, school bookstores(in 2nd Quarter 2009), F&N Coca-cola vending machines, Singapore Pools and Hospitals(IN 3RD Quarter 2009) .

Well, i feel that this is really great because no need for cash cards or anything else. You can even top up to max $500 but one thing that i dont quite like is the $3 lock in where you have to be reminded to top up and can only be used for trains and buses if remains less than $3 !

And top up channels are alot but slowly spreading in the later part of the year.Six MONTH COMPLEMENTRY INSURANCE Provided and can win up to $1088! so cool sia!

Going to get mine soon when going poly! haha!
Ok, here are the pics for it:

new windows live

yea.. most of hotmail users have recieved the notification of the new windows live messenger..

Well, i will say that if your computer speed is slow, my computer speed is 4GB, INTERNET=8GB RAM so, if yours is slower than mine, please DONT DOWNLOAD. Because i took about 45 mins to complete the installation process.

And we can say that it is really really slow, like you take a plane from singapore to Kuala Lumpur and when you landed, i believe the process havent complete!

However, the wait is worth it,I should say. Because the MSN MESSENGER IS really cool with all the icons orderly arranged. No more irritating ads , all located at the bottom.And the icon is so cool with a green cube , showing you are online, red means busy and orange means away.

And, NO MORE POP-UP sounds SIGNALLING TO YOU A new mail. It is just a reminder of new mail or sign in at the right of page but not directly above the taskbar. And it looks really really great! And all the messages that u've typed will be gathered together till the next user types his msg!

Well, if you've installed the new windows live, just tell us how you feel about it!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

deposit links

Okay.. For the past few posts @, , we talk about how you can attract more visitors to your blog!

Well, after thinking much, i have decided on a very brilliant plan. So, what is it?

It is to link everyone uP! Just deposit your link here and may your rank increases! We will link you here and please deposit our link on yours too!

Remember , dont delect our link on your blog cos we do update frequently!SO, LINK US! KayS?!

Click: to deposit your blog link!


We will verify each link deposited.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


yes, do you need credits to advertise for your blog to attract more visitors yet cant find a reliable web hosting company? Well, trust me.. I will suggest .. So, pls find out more for urself at and we are paid to post that post.. So, it is purely honest comment.. But i like this site pretty much because provides you with FREE Marketing Bonus- $100 which is alot.. so u will attract more visitors for sure..

And the previos post, we are saying about how you can attract visitors without paying a single cent.. Bascially , i feel that doing that is sufficient if you just want more visitors to ur blog but what is most important is that you keep your blog clean. No pop-up ads .. For eg, our web , yes.. we have lots of advertisements but we assure our visitors of their privacy and security. We STOP Spammers and prevents spams and virus from entry into computers.

Who love spams and pop-ups and virus? No one right? yes.. SO, What you can do is to remove advs that pop-ups.. it's rather irritating!

attract visitors

So, Everyone's thinking... How do you attract your visitors without PAYING A SINGLE CENT?

Well, here are some tips that you may find it useful:

1. Link up with your friends or family members.. If they dont accept your invitations, just treat them something.. I'm sure they will accept

2. Add your blog onto online forums. We know that some online forums like do not allow advertising, so well, add ur blog as signature! Smart isn't it?

3. Tag on ur friends' tagboards with your links.. This will even attract more visitors!

4. Use certain popular keywords which will captured by google. This will help your pagerank and post useful contents!

5.Exchange your links by advertising on wikiblogs and many like SPOTTT.COM (IT'S FREE)! This will sure attract more vistors!

6. Have your links up at INNIT NUFFNANG! YOUNG YET POWERFUL!

7. If your website is hosted by .com , you will be given credits for advertising at google adsense. Well, use those , kays? It will sure help.. (If u dont have google credits, mean the price u pay for your domain is nt worth it!)

If all these don't work which i'm sure it will, just pay some money to google adsense to publish your ads.. haha!:)

Monday, January 05, 2009


Hey! Thanks for visiting!

Well, like what we said, we are selling Samsung YP-S3 2GB MP3 player!


Why SELL: Because i want Samsung YP-P2 and purchased Samsung YP-S3 at cheap prices because we wrote a review for samsung ! Located @ !


# black in colour

# blue flash lit light

#Audio battery life - 25 hrs
#Video battery life- 4 hrs
#Weight- 50g
#Size (w/h/d mm)-43/94/10 mm

# Audio Codecs - MP3, OGG ,WMA
#Video Codecs - MPEG-4 WMV

#Image Types - JPG

*Worldclock,text viewer,alarm clock,games,datacast ,font settings in YP-S3

Provided in package:
!Proprietary cable
!Software CD


So, view the reviews and check out the MP3 that i am selling..

Next, you can leave your comments here if you want to purchase the MP3..I didnt give you all my email cos SPAM FREE mahx!:)

Anyway, a bid will appear on EBAY very very soon so look out ! !

So, click on comments to leave the price that you want to buy.

Retail prices:$129.00
Terms and conditions: No refund provided. 1 year warranty provided. 100% Guarantted Brand NEW MP3.Postage and handling fees apply. Prices in SINGAPORE DOLLARS.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

xiaxue dead?


So,Why is everyone thinking that xiaxue is dead?When i read a popular post as published on a forum located at, which is this link: , i was so surprised when i saw that there's a rumour that she's dead..

Asiaone's report @

Feeling surprised, i saw another link and it was from wikipedia.. so, i thought for a while, really she is? Perhaps is some kind of rumours.. so i click the link: and we saw the following text appearing on wikipedia which still exists:

"On 20 July 2005, Xiaxue's blog was hacked into and defaced; the hacker also gained access to her e-mail account and deleted all her e-mails. She regained access to her blog and e-mail account two hours after discovering the hacking, and made a police report. The local Internet community condemned the hacking.

In a post she wrote on 16 October 2005, Xiaxue criticised a disabled man who scolded an able-bodied man for trying to use the handicapped toilet. This entry provoked many of her readers, who saw it as insensitive and unreasonable. After receiving hundreds of complaints from angry netizens, two of her three then-sponsors terminated their endorsement deals with her.

In a post she wrote on 28 December 2005, Xiaxue claimed that Singaporean girls were repeatedly molested by foreign workers at Orchard Road during festivals and special celebration events, and suggested carrying aerosol foam sprays on Orchard Road should be banned. The post, which the local Internet community condemned as "racist" for its derogatory references to the local population of Bangladeshi construction workers,prompted an angry netizen to start a petition to ban the blogger from Orchard Road.
Xiaxue's review of the iPhone was dubbed the 'Worst iPhone review so far' by Daniel Lyons of Forbes Magazine, one of the top technology bloggers in the US."

Looks like she got lots of hatred from those who hack into her account and those who critised her comments and whatsoever..

So, we decided to investigate further by going into her blog and managed to find out that it is just rumours... She stated that she was not dead..And we are glad about that.

But! The question is: Why everyone knows that she is not dead, there are still lots of forum topics spreading that she is.. and many just do not care whether she is or not..

FOR EG, one of the replies by an online forum states : WHO CARES! or i don't bloody care...

So, What do you think? We wont comment further...


Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Roads Lead Home Movie

Do you prefer to watch movies at a Cinema or at home? Well, for me and my family, we will prefer to watch movies at home because we have the freedom to eat anything we want from pizzas to spaghettis and we can play and stop the movie at our own free time without tightening ourselves from following odd cinema screening times !Besides, you will not have to spend lots of money to invite your whole family to the cinemas to watch a movie and watching movies together on the sofas will encourage family spirit and family bonding!

Of course, when we choose movies to watch during the nights, we will not choose one which is boring or too dramatic. Besides, it will be best if the plot is great and has a message(moral) that summarises the whole movie so that our kids will learn something after watching the movie. And movies with animal themes will spark the interest of both the folks and the children!

Well, I am recommending you a movie that is "All Roads Lead Home The Movie"! This movie is about the absence of life that comes with great tragedy and highlights that a journey will always start and end at the same place. What I adore most about this romance and comedy movie is that there is a mixture of feelings: laughter and cries throughout the movie.

So what is the moral of the movie?
1. Life and death take on new meaning through different ways and there are times when we require love and understanding from our family members.
2.Sometimes,we have to make sacrifices and learn to let go of the past!

In addition, this movie is inspired by a true story and brings out the importance of a family in times of tragedy or difficulties and how the attitude of the girl changes in the timeline of the story. I am sure that this movie is a very heart-warming one!

Therefore, I feel that this movie is a MUST WATCH and highly recommended!And the good news is that the VCDs will be released on
13 JANUARY 2009 and sold at various online stores like bestbuy, and WALMART!Visit: for more information on where you can purchase this great movie to share and enjoy with your family members!

So, hurry! Purchase this great movie now! I am also going to purchase this movie when the DVD releases! And below is the trailer which you can watch before the DVD is released on 13 JANUARY!I am sure that you will not regret watching or buying the movie!

This is also an award-winning movie which has won many awards like Best Feature movies and Official selection awards!

Congratulations to Waldo West Productions for producing such a heart-warming and interesting movie!


Friday, January 02, 2009


Hey! Time's so fast and it's 2009!!!Well, i can say that this year will be a lucky year for me because my birthdate falls on 19.09 ! So lucky right? all 9! hahha!:)
So, what i wish for this year?
1. Good Results
2.Trip to various countries like TAIWAN AND HK
3.World Peace
4.More Visitors coming to LINK US,kays?)
5.MORE EARNINGS for this yearr!!


Yes.. So what about you?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy New year fireworks

Glitter Graphics

Happy NEw year! May Your wishes come true!

Videos posted according to timeline .. Earliest to latest around the world!

New Zealand



South Korea




Hong Kong


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil



Glitter Graphics