Sunday, September 06, 2009

SINGAPORE GEMS - It Isn't too late !

Good Morning!

How May I assist You?

Thank You and we look forward to serving You again!

When was the last time that YOU heard these phrases?

I bet you only heard them in tourist attractions areas like hotels or flights and it is quite uncommon to hear them in coffee shops or anywhere else unless you are really lucky!

As SINGAPORE pushes itself to greater heights like hosting the world's FIRST F1 Night Race, possessing the world's Highest Observation wheel as well as the upcoming casinos and Integrated Resorts at both SENTOSA and MARINA BAY , it is TIME for SINGAPOREANS to upgrade its service attitudes especially those involved in public relations as well as sales and marketing sectors!

So, the question is , Are You Being Served ?

Well, I do enjoy some of the experiences that the SERVICE SQUAD "ARE YOU BEING SERVED" BLOG TEAM has experimented on singaporeans in terms of honesty together with the level of helpfulness of those in the service sectors !

So, who are the Service Squad and what do they do?

They are a group of people called "squad members" will be initiating various customer service scenarios, observe how service staff react, then blog about them.

Some highlights will include :

*The honesty of Singapore Taxi Drivers through "misplacing" their hand phones on the taxi. READ HERE

*Customer Service Hot lines which may make you hold forever until you drop down your phone! READ HERE

You can check out the comments of what other netizens have commented HERE!

So, if YOU experienced an event which made you feel treasured or honored and will really love to share with the other netizens online or free so frustrated which you want to throw them all out ,

Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story with them!

Lastly,if YOU really want to see how courteous or considerate Singaporeans are, guess what? YOU CAN EVEN recommend or suggest a mission HERE which the Service Squad will accomplish based on your suggestions.

Well,here are some rules which you have to take note of :

1. Be courteous, Be nice. Don't spam or insult others as Posts are moderated, but only posts without names and those using foul language will be removed.

2.Users can comment and share their experiences and views. Visitors can also write their own stories and recommend missions which we have mentioned above!

So, Why Not head down now to share,subscribe to RSS feeds or Add them as FAN on FACEBOOK !


Thursday, September 03, 2009


Hey there!

I will be launching a brand new theme this coming september during my holidays since I will be quite free as this place looks pretty dull and it is time for a makeover!

Due to restrictions and surprises we will be revealing the BRAND NEW SPARKLING THEME ON MONDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER at 12 NOON SHARP with new feedback columns, new widgets and many more!

The new theme launching in a day will be much much better than this (FOR SURE!) !

SO STAY TUNED!!!~ And more exciting offers and promotions coming your way this september!!


alright, i'm just being random, no one's going with me anyway though I'm able to pay the trip for myself.

Sad right? Have money but no company.

That's really sad. But well, never mind.. I'm all ready for blogging!!!!!~


Alright, it's getting late!

See you around on MONDAY! We sure surprise YOU