Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello To MARCH 2007.. Goodbyee February...

May all e bad Things pass and Forget ALL about them.... Welcome all e happiness...

Sy Yuan.
Hi people..
I'm finally back to blogging!:) However... so sad leh... I FAILED MY BIO...... So sad ... I realli dunno what happened this term... Maybe because of e slacking?Or not understanding a SINGLE THING? friends comfort me and told be dun be upset, it's just a test... Thanks for urs concerns but im realli upset...I'm UNDER PERFORMING!
And sorry Garret.. I promised to go for sport's term (OPPS!) but i had no mood to go after i received my Bio Paper... Realli very vey sorry...
I have good pieces of news... I'm satisified that i got 75% For my chinese 2 paper... Although i lost to lots and lots of people..
I'm happy for my English oral performances... The oral examiner say i did realli well... So happy...I laughed in some parts of e oral cause e man made me thought of someone as her dressed in such an odd way.. Haha..
But still need to buck up in English...

Im now afraid of my Physics and A.Maths result... Veri scared that i failed once more again....My sis says i will fail S.S .... Veri scared also..

Haha... Miss fang didnt come today& Yesterday and we had lots of free time! SO happi that i realli can take a break but tis friday is Bio test!!What to learn????? Dun ask me.

AWAITING for e holidays to come!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh... So tired and stressed up!

Happy birthday Qiu Mei ( Haha... i spelt ur name correctly)>.... Early wishes but i knoe ur birthday is on Sat.,, Thanks to Nad's reminder!THanks.!

Sy Yuan.

And pls tag my blog and e class blog. seems so DEAD.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

hello people.. i finally have time to blog... however, veri upset wif my results leh... My chem .. I failed!!! CAN U IMAGINE THAT>? Because of that stupid 12 MARKS QUESTION........... Luckily, my physics i managed to get an A1 but my ranking in class is 15... Hiz... So upset leh ... cause Glenn and lots of people beat me in e test... Hiz.... Now my average for e 4 subjects is 58 LEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrr.. I got 64 For geo, chem i got 40, physics i got 77 and a maths i got 54... arrr.... must WORK VERY VERY HARD !!!!!!!!

yippeee... It's going to be chinese new year but its a busy holiday cause i haf lots and lots of test........ arrrr............. u headache wif testsssssss.... Hiz.. Must study liao..So kia-su!:)

Arrr... so tired and fed up wif my results... But as e saying goes, try again e next time if u fail this time....!! SO CHEER UP!!!!!

Haha... Wish u a happy new year!(gong xi fa chai!):)

Sy Yuan:)

Sorry for the long not updated blog... but maybe not posting till march!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Elo people..
Actually i don't want to come online but i wanna just to check shouts and update blog!I UPLOADED a new song!!!YAY!!! Finally ... Haha.. Lots of test so not coming online frm 2morrow to thursday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAI MEI!

Smile always:)
Sy Yuan

Sunday, February 04, 2007

hello peeps..
I'm finally here blogging.. need to go off for dinner soon... Not blogging for this week till sat cause lots of exams.. Anyway, Happy birthday HAI MEI .. Although it's 2morrow.. And do view my class blog cause i spent 10 hours working on it!
Will not come online .. maybe will come online on monday..

Thanks and continue tagging!
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Sy Yuan