Monday, July 31, 2006

Hihi... Such u busy week... FINALLY ITS over..(I mean exams lah)...
Today, when i reached school, Daniel(Vice president) asked me and Luqman to go take those empty boxes from council room( 4TH storey) To 1st storey,... Wahhh.. We climbed up and down for 3 times....
Then , we had maths test.The maths test was pretty easy but i didnt do any practises.... Dunno whether will pass or not......
Next, CHinese test......I also didnt study for chinese test... It was quite hard.... AHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Think i can't get A ....
吴老师 asked me whether i can help her with Blogger... I tell her during holidays.. Anyone who want to help can tell me lol..
Then, after recess, Miss Soh's lesson.. She said either end of this week/ next week then she gave us.. Ai yah...
Miss Neo said she's takin over MDM Naz Lesson for Next week(2 PERIODS----- 1 Hr )... Hahahhha.. SO happi... Cause next week only mOnday and friday come to school.

Now.. doing D&T .... Wahhhh.. Still doing solo and i still planning on what to draw?! Hiz...


Best wishes from Sy Yuan.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hi.. Sy Yuan's here.. I have been online editing tis blog frm 6:00PM TO 9PM Today .. however, no one has been online except for sum.. I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!Why has everyone stopped going online???? ANyway, I have put songs here... And i will be postin daily.. Anyway, i have to go for dinner liao.. Byee..................* REMEMBER TO TAG MY Blog @'Rants"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hihi.. I'm back.. FINALLY, its time to relax.... So happi... haha...Then , today Miss Fang gave us back our Geography papers...I so happy that I got first!28/35 For geography... HAHA..B ut one thing i regret most is I should i have studied earlier to achieve better reults..However, i have to consistently remind myself not to be boastful...LOL. Miss fang giving a test next friday, I still deciding whether to take or not.. I need lots of time to revise again so i think Better not!
Anyway, byee.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Horrible chaos in class.

Hihi.. Today , I got the SHOCKEST of my whole life. U know what?! When i came up the classroom at 7:10am, I saw the classroom in a horrible mess. I also say fiqah and izzati in the classroom. They also looked shock and i immediately went to on the lights and the whole place was like struck by "TSUNAMI". Pieces of papers crumpled, magazines and papers all over the place.Tables and chairs were overturned and the whole place was chaotic . Fiqah says that she's going to tell Mr.Ow about this incident. However, Mr.Ow did not come to school so we had NO choice but to go to the geography home room(Blk D , level 2) to have our geography lesson. At 9AM sharp, Reany, Nad, Zi hui and me went to look for Mr. Tony and I was the one who told the incident to Mr tony. I also mentioned that It happened 3 times over the last 2 weeks.He was also shocked and we went up together . However, when Mr.Tony went upstairs, the classroom was in clean and sparks. The cleaner cleared away the evidence! AHHHH. .... nvm. Next time if it happens again, i will report immediately to him.
I expect this to happen this month... think so.. anyway, time to have dinner,... byee.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today's schedule

The post that i posted earlier was @ 6:00AM this morning.. Now, i'm going to write whats happening here...
  1. My blog beside this box is upgrading (around 1 week) so patience is needed.
  2. I added a new tagboard as the old one is so lousy, always stuck and did not add any messages when the box appeared BUT This tagboard ( I edited some parts of it).'
  3. More stuffs added in and More interesting posts.

Now, Im going to write what happened in sch today

Today, during MDM Naz lesson, she was quite frustrated by some people's behavior ... Then she said " those who are not interested , u may leave now." Then to my expected, Poon, Mubarak, Ilyas, Hakim left the place except for fad.(He good boy wat!) Then, Mr Tony walked past and they are brought downstairs... Haiz..

CHinese teacher 吴老师 didnt come today.. she's very sick so our chinese test ( which actually held 2morrow ) is postponed to next monday.

Maths test also... Postponed to next monday..

Then, the D&T (I spent 3 hrs doing) finally acceptable and i decided to do SOLO unless u ask me whether u can do wif me lol.(cause i do not find anyone to do wif me).

Miss Soh comin back 2morrow cause she went for 2 days on course. She will be back 2morrow so DO Bring ur SCIENCE TEXTBOOK AND WORKBOOK.

Lastly, went for Maths Tutoring programme. I left at 3:25 pm (Not feeling well).. Actually, i wanted to leave early but ai yah, anyway i'm also learning maths so i go lol....Reached home around 4:10pm .. Browse through some newspapers..

Anyway, now is 9:41 PM. This post is tagged here forever at this time!


Hihi! So sianzzz LOL! This was what happened yesterday:

Zi Hui called me to go back to sch after I reached home. it's so stressful and tiring for me to go to sch again ( WASTING LOts of time, energy, MONEY). I have to waste $0.45 to bedok, $0.90 going to renay's hse (TO & fro) and $0.45 to simei again. SO I wated $0.45+0.45+0.90 = $1.80!!!!!!! I can buy a pack of medium fries at macdonalds if i had $0.15 .Then , i reached there around 3:45Pm. (SERVE THEM RIGHT).. Cause they didnt inform me earlier so its their own problem. I wasted more money and time.
After interviewing, it's 4:15 Pm. Then , we went to Renay's hse.That BUS.225 Driver does not even know how to operate the bus! OH MY GOD!He's a driver! Better pick up ur skills 1st before driving the bus.
Then we reached Reany's hse at 4:30 pm .... After that, we dragged some time and finally @ 5PM, I went home 1st. (cause i wanna watch HOLLAND VILLAGE) :>
I took bus 9 for 30 mins and reached home on time at 5:35PM! YES!Its time to watch tV
At night, i started doing D&T .. For 2 hours for desiging , searching for pictures.. I asked 6 PEOPLE!(Everyone has different answers and replies).. Then i woke up @ 5:30 Am(Normal : 6am) to do my mindmap and here i'm posting this post.. Haha
Need to go sch liao. Byee.

Friday, July 21, 2006

CUTE SONG.. Nice! The pervious post will be continued tomorrow.


These Few days, strange things had been happening. Mdm Naz dont even let anyone go toliet during her lessons and she told the girls behind me that she WAS VERY Disappointed with them. The lesson was boring ( AS USUAL). SHe dont even care when u ask her something and she does not show respect to us too....
For Peiyun.. I dont know why its so strange... She keeps looking at me?! Dont know why...
ANyway, For zheng Qian....
To Be continued Later..