Monday, February 25, 2008

Heyy!!I have updated a few favourite and hot pop songs on my playlist.. AND I FOUND THE BEST SONG!!!Wont it be nice which is the advertisement for cadbury ? Remember?? haha.. yess!!!So happy!!!!! And i have the song with me now!!haha!!Yeahhh!! Nice great song!! Great meaning and nice lyrics! Anyway, the weekends have just passed and i am so busy with shopping over the weekends! ahha.. bought lots of things, went to IKEA and giant then went home yesterday at around 7pm!! The nasi braynai was really really worth and great! $4.95 Only!! So tasty!! the 4th time i ate this dish! Really enjoy!!

Okk.. need to sleep already!! Goodnight!!:) Byee!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hi! I am here to blog again.. Started using my computer from 6am till 10am then switched off and used again. I have changed my blogskin.. Nice right? haha.. i done it myself! Yes, i ahve added some new features but havent add the new advertisers... Sorry.. WIll do it later. anyway, switching off soon!! Do tag! haha,... thanks!:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

STRESS.. STRESSSSS... haha.. because busy for the rest of the week, no time to blog.. sorry for that. For the advertisers, will add the links soon as i am busy so you have to wait till friday.. Sorry... Anyway, i will try my best to blog again this week.. Take care!:)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

heyy.. sianz... i am feeling more and more frustrated and bored .. because the weather is so humid and the things are so hard to get into my brainn.. Its 1830HRS Noww.. and yahh.. blogging.. adding new advertiser and new promotion on this blog! Do purchase if u are interested .. i hope so because the products are quite new and hot buy!:)

Will post them now!:) Do see!

Friday, February 15, 2008

hi! finally blogged! no time to blog.. doing to attend a meeting later but i have to go out later... anyway, wont be blogging tomorrow and yah, do tag my blog and see all the posts i have posted:) haha.. just came back from out side and need to go out now:) byee!!Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine day

February 14th was the day for worshipping the Goddess Juno the consort of Jupiter and Queen of the Roman pantheon and associated with the Greek Goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. The sacred marriage was held in the month of Gamelion – mid January to mid February. Celebrated among lovers!!!!!! haha..

Anyway.. u can see/find out more on wikipedia!

yahh.. so i wish u a happy happy VALENTINE DAY ON 14 FEB,THURSDAY!!!!!

hii!!! finally back.. actually wanted to give up bio 1 but then at the end still study for it... see i so guai!:)haha.. test ok lah.. but i felt so sianz... then today give back chem... i PASS!!!!!!!! yeahh!! 21 people fail... haha.. so happy that i pass... but the marking too strict liaoz... expected an A actually... sad sia..because i got 1.5/5 m For the titration question..

Anyway.. my SBQ also.. 4/12.. haha..:) didnt pass.. bt most of them failed e test bah.. so bo chap lahx... hizz... thenn tomorrow another sianz day.. haha.. new year still goin on... valentine's day coming soonn!!!!!haha.. and total defence also.
ON 15 FEB,12:05PM , there will be a siren or different sounds being played!!!!hehe.. to hear e sounds of different siren: refer to this website:

.. BANGKOK TO AND FRO SIN JUST SGD 1.50(Without taxes) !! siaoz rite? wanted to go but then no time lehh..and inclusive of all taxes... its just 151.00 SGD!! siaoz!!!!! SO CHEAPPP!!!!! faster book cos ends on 17Feb (Booking period) ...


Monday, February 11, 2008

yeahh.. finally getting better!!!!!! so happyy lehh!!!!!!! Bt then still gt test tomorrow .. so stupid 1 got test after CNY? didnt think of us lol.. where got time to study? siaoz 1 .. then so many chapters also.. anyway... finally my gastric pain is awayyy!!!!!!BYE BYE!!!!!!!Thanks to my lymphocytes (Produce antibodies) and phagocytes(feed on bacteria).. haha.. thanks to my bio..:)

CT next week.. but count urself lucky lol.. because other sch have CT tis week lehh.. siaoz 1... :) my ang pao money also very little lehh.. hizz.. sianzz.. anyway.. enjoy e rest of e week... wont blog for next week.. Confirmm:) tomorrow maybe lahh..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

hii... went to sengkang 2dayy.. so fun then started at 3-5pm..:) then today also didnt eat much .... so full noww... hizz.. sianzz... may not be blogging this week.. because busy mahxz.... next week also maybe not... okk...Need to sign off soonn..:) okk.. byee:)haha... enjoyy...:)hmm... yahh.. maybe online 2morro.. see 1st lahx... hizz... gastric.. hope well 2morro..:)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

hii!! So sick again today.. since yesterday or rather e day be4, i started feeling to vomit and seriously, the gastric continues until yesterday and then today also.. see oily and soup then very very sickk.. hizz.. sad sia.. all e new year thigns cannot eatt..

Hizz.. time's really really fast... Its 3rd day of NEW YEARRR!!!! And tomorrow very busy alsoo.. hizz. sianzz.. anyway.. yahh.. nothing to post too.. anyway.. slept from 3-7 today.. then feel bloated at all times:)..

Ah meng (SIN ZOO) died today.. so sad sia.. Singapore icon which was born overseas... sad sia...

okk.. that's itt..:)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Yeahh.. added new songgssssss!!!!! nice right?? the 1st song? NICE! SUPER NO.1!!!!! And good news .. this music playlist has been favourited for 4 times !! haha.. so happy.. anyway.. done with my CNY visiting and i so tired noww.. feeling like sleeping liaozz.... ahah

yesterday came back so late... then slept till 9am today... went to pasir ris just noww..:) then all the shops closed.. going popular tomorrow:) maybe bras brash..:) hizz....

okk.. my cousins coming soonn.. and the songs playing now are played by YES 933 be4.. yahh.. :) thats nice!!! and 933 will always be my BEST AND Best music STATION!! Jia you 933!!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

heyy.. im backk.. slept at 2am today and woke up at 8am... haha.. then slept from 10am -12:30pm today.. just woke up.. now bloggingg..

IT'S finally NEW YEARRRRR!!!!!!!! Happy new yearrrrrrrrr!

Hizz... no mood to study but then exams coming.. hizz.. sianz... new year mood lehh.. die liaoo.. so sad .. still got gastric pain .. so sad bahh..

okk thenn.. going out soonn.. Byeee!!!!!!!!!!:)


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hii!!!! feeling better noww..:) thanks to the medicine that e doctor prescribed for me.. read the reader digest(feb 1 ) quite interesting!:) then went to airasia airline website.. damn cheap the airfare.. doing some advertising here haha.. SGD 1.50 for flight from SIN-BKK(Bangkok~!!!!!!!!) siao!!!!:) damn cheapp!!!!! but then cannot go... because not free lehh.. travel from 27 feb-june bah!:) do check e website for more info..

watched tv and slept as usual... then didn't go chinatown as i wanted to because i was sick bahh// gastric painn.. hizz.. sadd... new year won't want to fall sick.. because if sick then cant eat goodies and fried food....

anyway, 2 more hours to new yearr!!!!!!

Hizz.. yesterday sick and then slept.. after that, got gastric pain and woke up several times cos the pain is really unbearable... actually wanted to go Chinatown bt then because of the pain.. how to go?? haha..Then today wanted to go to sch but when i step out, i felt the pain again so didnt go.. Went to clinic at 9am to get MC(Medicial Certificate) and pills... ate the pills , slept till 1 pm then felt much much better.. finally!!!!!haha..

Anyway, added a new advertiser!!!!!! haha..:) nice ads, i should say!Seriously very nice. to allow the ads to appear nicely and correctly, please enable the pop ups for this site!

Hizz.. new year is finally here soonnn!!!!!!! haha.. thats gd.. expected for sooooo longggg.. will be bored at home...:) haha.. okk. nid to go eat lunch liaozzz...

DO TAG AHH!!! thanx...

More updates coming on ur way!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Budget airlines took off yesterday!First flight for AIRASIA TOOK off @ 1130am and @ night at 2140 !Tiger airways took off at 15:15 pm and jetstar airways took off at 14:55 ! hehe.. bt then SIA and malaysia airlines combine their routes to KL from SIN , making a total of 13 flights a day!!wow.. so much loL/.
anywayy,,.. yesterday reached home at 11PM then slept at 11:30pm.. today went to SPH at 9am then came back at 12pm.. slept till around 5pm .. hizz.. sianz.
Happy new year!
Oh yahh.. e photos for i won e music hamper 3 weeks ago.




Singapore Press holdings*(News center)

Enquiry counter!

Above photos are the SPH PHOTOS! nice rite? yahh.. 1st time to go there... haha.. so fun and nice ! I like the surroundings and the building structure!!THe counter also! Beautifully decoratedd!!!!!haha...! And the place is so so nicee!!haha.. okk.. bb!!!!!:) sleeppp...zzzzz...

yeahhh.. went to press holdings to collect my hamper... consist of abalone(2 Cans) from australia and new zealand, 1 5KG RICE(AAA) , 6 BOTTLES OF BIRD NEST(SUPERIOR) And 6 BOTTLES OF Chicken essence(New formula) all by NEW MOON BRAND!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU NEW MOON!!!!! hhaa... thanksalot.. total cost price about 168 SGD!!!Then my house main door appear on the lian he zao bao's new paper !!!!!If u miss it, its on 31 Jan 2008 !!!!!Pg 6 of lian he zao bao! then e group photo that they took will appear on lian he zao bao...:) okkk.. will post the photos in the front entry(latest1 ),.. bb!

Friday, February 01, 2008

heyyy.. Sy Yuan here... Just finish 3 examsss.. ahh... :) so sianz and sick of exams liaozxzzz...tiredd.. will sleep later!But Good news!5 MORE DAYS TO NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeahhhh!!!!!!! but got CT after new year .. hixzzzz.. stress... But need to sign a contract with an advertising company but dragged for 2 months liaoo... will do it today!:)haha.. sorry for the delAY but im busy .. hahaa.... okk.. 2morro still need to go PRESS HOLDINGS to collect my hamper...

AN EARLY HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)