Tuesday, May 30, 2006



  1. I love this BLOG to be COLORFUL so whatever u want to comment ;childish or watever.. Its up to u!I love colors!Haha.Nice and brightened up my life~!!So
  2. I can post any Posts that i like and it must not be REFERRING TO other people.
  3. If u think that this blog is kindea boring ,pls.Leave.
  4. Tag before leaving.

CliCk FIVE!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


*************NOT CONFIRMED *****************

We will be holding a Meeting on 3RD june 2006, Saturday. We hope your presence for the meeting. It is held in the afternoon to 6PM In the evening.

You need to bring the following :

  1. LEFT & Right Brain ( For thinking and common sense).
  2. Logbook
  3. Proposal, Brochure.(Whatever u need)
  4. Maybe money $$.(For photostating or whatever).

Those who DID NOT TURN UP FOR MORE THAN 3 TIMES, Will do all the printing.(Haha).

-- More will be coming up.


Day of meeting : 3RD june 2006, Saturday

Place : Not confirmed

TIme: Afternoon to 6pm

THings to bring : ( Scroll up to see.)
Punishment for those who DID NOT TURN UP FOR MORE THAN 3 TIMES: Prepared to do all printing .

As usual, Today, people ask me whether i'm going to e class chalet 2morrow。。。? I declined firmly. WHY????? Because Some people in this class are sooooo childish ( I DIDNT MEAN ALL.. MEANING All GIRLS AND SOME BOYS ARE NOT CHILDISH). They play with water hose, kick tables like what gangsters do and LOW EQ . When they heard Mdm naz are coming in, they are crazy and shout like siao.. and it was a mess after a teacher has left ( I won't mention the name ).It will be disappointing if e teacher of yours see this after she left.. No discipline! I really dont like to write harsh or insulting comments here but it's true lol.. THIS SHOULD BE PUT TO A STOP! Pls lah, be more mature. Dont play with water hose, wetting dusters,acting like realli smart.( For those, who u know who u are.. ) . Think before u act. Ask urself, how old are u? Are u realli crazy? If u are, spray urself but not other people. If u are realli 14 THIS YEAR, i dont realli think so, I feel u are only 3 year old kid. I dont realli treat u as ADULTS! Anyway, I'm going yishun 2morrow , so dont ask me whether i'm going or not.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Homework --
Practice paper 7
Maths worksheet.

POSTED ON 26 MAY 2006 , 12:10PM.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happenings on this blog.

Hi people again.. Things which takes place currently OR in future:
  • New Look of my tagboard!(click RANTS)
  • New clock!(BRAND NICE!)(Left of this webpage)
  • New Counters!(Left of this page).
  • Updated, More organised page and better song coming.


  • new calendars on this page
  • COUNTDOWN Counters
  • More songs.
  • Interesting posts.
  • Daily jokes,news,comic services.
  • More Posts!
  • More updated web!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Just got back my results... Like shitt... I feel I spent too much time on COMPUTER although i didn't fail any subjects .. Some subjects 60+,50+ ... saddened... I really feel sad about my maths, My MOST CONFIDENT SUBJECT!WHAT HAPPENED!? oh my... I feel that i realli have to work really hard to get better grades... I must cut down the time on my blogging... But don't worry.. I will continue blogging.. But less time lol... Must try to cut down on all these stuffs... Important year leh... Its a learning experience for me although it's a failure.. But i do learn something.. 我会收回心的!!Ok.. Time to go liao.. Expecting better grades... Although my maths result is really very bad... Lol!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi People... I'm sorry that the web (myflashbox.com) is NOT Opening up new accounts for new members so i have to use the old tagboard.

Video Codes...

lol... Last paper..time for a break .. 5 DAYS LONG BREAK ~! SO HAPPY!At least i have alot of time to do my things!BLOG, PLAY GAMES... SO FUN! But it is shortlived . I think u know what i mean.....!

Thursday, May 11, 2006