Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm sad to say that this post is the last post that i am going to post until end of exams. Thank you for visiting this webpage.... And all the best..............(sob..sob..sob)(sob..)
Hihi.. Sy Yuan's here... Anyway, the BLOG will be closed for updating till end of exams from next week( 20 TH September) that is the day after my birthday until end of exam( 12 OCTOBER 2006). During this time, there will be a picture showing closure(TEMPORARY) On this webpage and the password log in page.
Alll the best for end of year.

Monday, September 04, 2006

User Satistics

This is the report for the users since 21 August 2006.

User:: No.of times logged in.
Pei Yun 1 Time
Nadhirah 3 Times
Renay 4 TImes
Hisyam 5 times
Natasha 8 Times
Miss Neo 12 Times
Zi Hui 26 Times
Sy Yuan 118 TImes
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Status: Updated on 02/10/06
06:30am (24 HRS)
**People who entered here .. Pls tag the tagboard/post a message at the message forum.
Did u receive any mail from Yan ting???It's like abt both of them ( Their relationship).. Anyway, i not so "ka po..." so let's not talk about it then... So how's life during the holidays??? Bored?Busy?sleeping time? I feel like sleeping now too....I just realised that i slept for 10 Hours a day! (AMAZING Rite)? Anyway, remember to come puntually at 9AM on wednesday... English Test(SA2) is coming soon!!!!! 3 weeks counting from now!!!!!Ahhh.. I hope i Get a B4 For english then i will be satisfied.!hizz.z.... Can u refer to ur report book?(To all USERS) The geography mark is for only CA5 Rite??? Then, Renay.. What's ur blog password? Tell me by sending an EMAIL to me!Thanks......

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hihi.... Do U have any good english songs? Tell me by tagging at my tagboard... So that i can add at my MP3 LIVE!Anyway, the holiday has came! I 'm so excited but i had lots of work to DO!!!!!!Ahhhh.. If anyone wants group study with me, just tell me by sending a mail to me @ ...
Sy Yuan