Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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A brief Overview of the Promotion:

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Ever feel like going on a holiday but the hotel prices are far too expensive or beyond your budget?

Well, every time I travel overseas, (most preferably Thailand because I went there twice for the last 2 years and going again this year), I will hunt for the best deals by flipping through newspapers crazily to search for Budget Airlines deals (like no taxes or admin fees) and also Google hotels for special promotions that they may be having.

But now , I do not have to do that anymore because offers great promotions and deals all day long!

For example, I will be going Bangkok this December which I have booked the flight and looking for great hotel deals now, I will visit the famous floating market and take a boat ride down the river to admire the beautiful scenery! Visit heritage sites like the temples and museums will also be a great choice for tourists like me! Besides, I will also shop at the pasar malam(night market) along the street and wholesales shopping centres like Bobae Tower! It will sure be a great trip to Bangkok this December!

Well, what about you? I recommend as your preferred travel agency because they provide so many promotions and it is unbelievable to imagine that hotels can be priced as low as $37/night in Bangkok!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Accor Hotels City Super Sale NOW so that you won't burn a hugh hole in your pocket the next time you travel!

Enjoy your travel with !:)


Friday, June 19, 2009

CIP Project@Joy Centre

Woke up at 6:30am to rush down to Joy Centre at Yishun. Too tired to wake up and I wanted to rush down by taxi but no money, so decided to take public transport- Express Bus to Yishun. pretty fast about 20 minutes reach already.

Then, I was told that the Community Service centre for Old Folks was nearby but didn't know that it was 3 bus stops away! AGHH! Should have took the direct bus there yah?

After which, reach there.. slack because it was too early and played with the ping pong. Nothing much to play!

Then, the lady called me.. ask me whether I know what to take. I say, Of course, I know but this is the first time i take photos for such a big group.Then, we were gossiping about the staff here.. heard that they were unreasonable. and I was right.

"You sure you want to use this camera to take the photos?" She asked me THRICE! I was shocked, yah. It is 8MP Ultratouch, whats wrong?

Then she gave me hers and hers was only 5.1MP. I was like. Isn't yours worst than me?!

And rather speechless .

Will blog about this event soon again!:)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Busy Busy.

Hey!:) Quite busy with my CIP projects and have so many tasks on hand. Study.. Work.. Blogging!

Hahah.. Well, facebooking and tweeting now. Both are important media to communicate with your friends and clients! Have you try them?

Hope you have done so!:)

Okay. Got to go!:)