Sunday, May 28, 2006

As usual, Today, people ask me whether i'm going to e class chalet 2morrow。。。? I declined firmly. WHY????? Because Some people in this class are sooooo childish ( I DIDNT MEAN ALL.. MEANING All GIRLS AND SOME BOYS ARE NOT CHILDISH). They play with water hose, kick tables like what gangsters do and LOW EQ . When they heard Mdm naz are coming in, they are crazy and shout like siao.. and it was a mess after a teacher has left ( I won't mention the name ).It will be disappointing if e teacher of yours see this after she left.. No discipline! I really dont like to write harsh or insulting comments here but it's true lol.. THIS SHOULD BE PUT TO A STOP! Pls lah, be more mature. Dont play with water hose, wetting dusters,acting like realli smart.( For those, who u know who u are.. ) . Think before u act. Ask urself, how old are u? Are u realli crazy? If u are, spray urself but not other people. If u are realli 14 THIS YEAR, i dont realli think so, I feel u are only 3 year old kid. I dont realli treat u as ADULTS! Anyway, I'm going yishun 2morrow , so dont ask me whether i'm going or not.

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