Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi! I'm back bt so sad...didnt do anything lehh//... Noon get interrupted .. need to go online to download frontpage & Publisher but only limited for U.S. Residents................. then cannot..delay to 5Pm.. Then offline, do english then watch TV till 8:30pm... Nadhirah called to ask me to sort out things then do until now lol..

So fed up !! With copy and paste onli ,.. didnt sort out For us???? AHHHHHHHHHHH..getting more angry...stress up .. havent study for tests lehhh.. Dont interupt me 2morrow liao.. need to study cannot lehh.. need to go cousin's TIME!!!!!\\

ANgry cause we didnt get anything at last only hours... What for? Still thinkin very pity nadhirah cause she's more stress up.. JIA you!(support u ){in chinese}

Then now feel like sleeping liao..

Anyway, need to go liao... Busy 1 whole day without anything done! Angry lahh...Tag TAG!(no angry also need to tag ah)
Pls lahh...
Changing skin 7 WEEKS later:) that is After SA1...

SY Yuan

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