Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to blogginggg... it's 1ST april and It's April fool day and it's Xiao Xuan birthday... Happy Birthday XIAO XUAN... haha.. well, gotta busy these few days onli tonight then got time to blog.. it's near 12PM liao.. goin to sleep..

hiz... these few days lots of unhappiness.. tell some of my very very best friends.. they also have the same views as me..:) Happy that it is the same..

Well, still settling some matter and it has dragged for months liao... need to realli settle down to solve the matter lahh..

well, 29 more days to SA1 El.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... then scared i failed my physics test again... ahhh.. ms.lim... pls let me pass lah.....haha
cause i scared last question wrong... if wrong then i die liao......please lahh...i have worked reallirealli very hard liao..

Changed skin.. manage to do some font decoration..w ell, successfully finished the black background.. such a genius:) (haha.. no lahh... )

And some friendship problem has been dragging for months.. hope to clear up some disagreements and unhappiness and maybe , arguements...

And... i hope this month is a brand new month to start with.. FORGET All unhappiness and ACCEPT happiness....


SY Yuan


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