Thursday, September 06, 2007

wow... busy wif projectss thenn no time to postt.. srryy

Went out to shop!Damn Fun
Went to chinese supplementary.. As usual, wasted 1/2 hr on scolding peeps (late) thenn make up another 1/2 hr later. Ended at 11:30Pm. then went wif corrina and ting huan To Singapore POLy at 12:30. WE board corrina's father's car at 12:20lehh.. Then reached there at 12:50PM! haha.. Damn latee.. The place is SO DAMN BIGG!! Love that place.. Leave a VERY good impression ! Intending to go there in 1 year time after my O levels!Corrina and i went to Game design course to experience the course!It was like fun and corrina says i veri quiet cos i went to e wrong course. Should have gone to Audrey's course(Password...) Then at 5:15PM , we are dismissed from there.. At first, when we got to the design studio , It took like 15 MINS climbing up and down stairs.. walking from buildings to buildings.. (Back to topic)When we left the studio, we are dismissed from there... Then corrina and I just walk anyhoww.. then i was laughing all the way cos the way she say(ai yah,不管啦,乱乱走!)was veri funny!!!!haha.. Then we walked to the admin building and out to the gate. then ask her to take bus to MRT then she dun wan also. so wen on walking to gate 3(FRM GATE 1)takes us abt 15 mins!So far then anyhow walk , reach there at 5:50PM. hizz.. it was damn bigg.. took a train homee.. reach home at 6:55pm..
Went home sleep till 7PM .. haha.. nice sleep.Oh yahh,.. e Food was damn nice(nuggets,fishballs,curry puff, siew mai, wanton,malay food, fruit tart!).. EXCELLENT FOOD!SOYA BEAN WAS NICE!Those who didnt go.. too badd..:)

Went to Esplanade to collect my Samsung E250 phone. Damn nice.Went home playing with the phone.. play the phone then found out tt it was 6+. Went to pizza hut to buy pizza!:)The barbeque chicken pizza was damn nice with all the seasonings!

Went sch for chem lesson.. Actually dun wan to go one then no choice lol.. Sleep e whole dayy.. now rushing australia proj.. hizz.. So sianzz..

okk.. gtg.. bb!!!!!!!!Tag ahh!
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