Monday, January 28, 2008

okk.. finally blogged... hope payperpost can accept my entry pleaseeee... cos the archives are more easily seen at the left of the blogg...

kk.. really really hope that payperpost will accept my entry tis timee!! kk? thankss! as you can seen i blogged from year 2006 to now.. and has more than 190 posts!! really really hopee!!!!!

okkk.. got to be busy wif all the meetings... this sat still need to go SPH to collect my hamper.. will post when i came back and sengkang on sundayy!!!!!!:) hizz... do bu 2morro's lian he zao bao cos got my name.. nt sure whether its 29 or 31 jan 2008 paper... jus buy lahh!:)

anyway, EARLY HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!!!!!!!!
oh yahh.. i won my samsung fun club's music hamper... alot of things like luo zhi xiang's newest alumb,My chemical romance(LIMITED EDITION).,Minsitry of sound 2006,BEST TRACKS... etc.. about 7 cds in total for free~!!!!!!

thenn tis sat goin SPH for e NEW MOON hamper worth 168SGD. Including abalone(2 cans), chicken essence, bird nest, 5 kg rice and moreee!!!!!!!:) hahahahha.. thankss!!!!!!:)
IM REALLY REALLY LUCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankssssssssss!!!!!!!kk.. bb:)

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