Saturday, July 12, 2008

Okk.. it's midnight noww!!!12:22AM! Went to KFC just now to try out the twister! So nice and tender!!:)
Anyway, surfing the net for 2 hours .. going to off the computer soon! Just added a few new songs from lin you jia(YOGA)! I think by now, audrey will scream when she sees me so supportive of you jia !!!:) haha.. Thats her favourittee idol lah.. cant blame her for that.. But seriously, the more i listen, i feel that his songs are quite nice too! So support Lin You Jia! By learning YOGA lols:) haha..!:) okk.. that's it!And continue coming here for more product reviews and posts!!!:)

Bye!:)Its finally weekend!!!!!

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