Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hi! Yes! It is about time for me to start working hard to meet the goals that i want!Though i was successfully entered into a poly via DPA to SP , i still need to work hard to get a scholarship! I hope to ! EVeryone wish to ! It is not easy but it is still POSSIBLE! So Jia You sy yuan!!!!:)

I went to SP for an interview on 30 JULY 08 and the questions are :
*Why do you choose this course(IT)?
*If a career is given to you but not highly paid, what will you do?

I have no difficulties in answering the questions and it is quite successful as i was one of the 50 Students who applied for DPA to enter in to SP in the whole SINGAPORE!!!!Yahoo!:)

Thanks to those who have helped me in one way to another!

Wish you all the success!


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