Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Men Pen

A new ugly acne on your face but you do not want it to be easily spotted?
Well, I will recommend you to use The Men Pen - mens makeup .It is a mens cosmetics to touch up flaws like acne and dark eye bags on your face.

What is The Men Pen?
It is a miniature tube that contains essential ingredients like Ascorbyl Palmitate to lighten the scars and improve your skin complexion. Best of all, The Men Pen is convenient for all users as you just have to slot it into your pocket. Carry it anywhere!Adsc08299-sm

What are the ingredients of The Men Pen?
It is made of a makeup foundation type compound that is lightly applied to the face on top of acne and blemishes. Each stick contains SPF 18 and if you are under the sun, it is recommended that you use lightly.

Why is The Men Pen a great choice?
1.You do not have to worry if the colour will suit your skin or not as there are 17 different shades which you can apply according to your mood and skin colour!

2.Ugly mole and dark circles around your eye will lighten if you apply The Men Pen around your eyes or ugly spot. This may result the area to appear smooth or disappear.

3.You will gain more confidence as applying The Men Pen will make you look better than before and remove all traces of ugly spots.

4. You do not have to sacrifice your life for a risky surgery.

5. Able to get rid of ugly redness and scars so that you won't give others a bad impression.

6. Cheaper alternative than all other skin solutions treatment.

Hence, why not visit http://www.themenpen.com/index.htm for more information?

Hope this product may be suitable for you too!


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