Friday, July 03, 2009

What is actually a Blog?

Have you submitted articles online so as to reach out to more readers to read your articles or share your experiences which will make you feel really satisfied about it?

Well, Of course , some webmasters do submit articles online as part of their job while others are just freelancer( meaning that they write based on their free time and their preferred content!) .

So, what are the benefits if you submit articles online?
1. You may gain more popularity and traffic to your website . Who knows? You may be a writer in the future !

2. You can easily express your thoughts and get feedbacks on your thoughts and how you can improve them!

Today, I will like to share with you a great article that many will like to know too which is titled "How to Start Blogging?" at

Well, many bloggers failed to get more target audience either because they did not post rich,appealing content or they do not have many famous sites linking to them, resulting them to have a lack of followers and traffic!And also,bloggers are unable to know the information of what netizens are talking about or googling about!

So, what is a Blog?
Many take it as a personal journal but well, you can get famous through blogging as well . Don't be surprised when your boring life may be appealing to others!

Some of the tips that you can use to enjoy more readers to your blog are:
1. Listen to what others have to say. Whether it is useful to your future blogging journey ornot, just accept it.

2. Understand and Value their comments. - Not everyone love to tag or leave comment because it may be troublesome for some so, appreciate their comments!

3.Interpret the meaning behind the comments and of course, respond to them which is also joining into the conversation.

Most importantly, enabling feeds for your blog so that you can have followers for RSS( Really Simple syndication) is also essential for more visitors because they will be able to get updates instantly when they subscribe to it!

Enjoy your blogging life to the millions of bloggers out there!

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