Thursday, August 24, 2006

Long time didnt post liao!
Haha... I'm so happy yesterday because i get highest for maths and science In class (But boastfulness cause failure). Next week and tomorrow dont have to go CCA because got chinese oral and next week teacher's day.
Firstly, I would like to thank XING you, Bobby and Mr Yeo for helping me to buff the wood until so smooth. I would like to thank Miss Soh and Miss Neo for helping me in my maths and science and of course , my friend - Renay for encouraging me!:> Anyway , Thank you very much. However, my chinese is getting from worse to bad. From 66% To 58%. Oh my.. I need to study harder for my chinese to get A1. Anyway, i studied geography until "Making infertile land arable "... Ai yo.. so slow.. anyway.. last minute study lah. Zheng qian worse.. He dont even know what chapter is coming up for friday's test.. Hiz... need to go school liao otherwise i will be LATE!
Games below. For the first game, if u want to mute the sound, Play the game for 1 time and after the game ends, no sound liao!

Sy Yuan
Reminder: SY YUAN'S birthday falls on 19TH september ( Abt 26 Days)

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