Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This note is provided by MDM NAZ
Typed by Sy Yuan.

  1. Make sure you understand the question.
  2. extract is relevant points &use your own words to express.
  3. Make each point specifically and clear.
  4. Use past tense unless stated.
  5. Use connectors to link up ideas into paragraph form.
  6. Write in ONLY 1 paragraph.
  7. Do NOT include too many adjectives.
  8. Do not include quotations or examples.
  9. If point is contained in dialouge,write it out in reported form.
  10. Write your summary in complete sentences.
  11. Avoid long winded sentences.
  12. Understand what you are writing.
  13. Use categories to substitute a list of words/examples.
  14. Write according to word limit(+5,-5 Words).
  15. At end of summary, write the no of words(WORD COUNT).

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