Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hi people..
I'm finally back to blogging!:) However... so sad leh... I FAILED MY BIO...... So sad ... I realli dunno what happened this term... Maybe because of e slacking?Or not understanding a SINGLE THING? friends comfort me and told be dun be upset, it's just a test... Thanks for urs concerns but im realli upset...I'm UNDER PERFORMING!
And sorry Garret.. I promised to go for sport's term (OPPS!) but i had no mood to go after i received my Bio Paper... Realli very vey sorry...
I have good pieces of news... I'm satisified that i got 75% For my chinese 2 paper... Although i lost to lots and lots of people..
I'm happy for my English oral performances... The oral examiner say i did realli well... So happy...I laughed in some parts of e oral cause e man made me thought of someone as her dressed in such an odd way.. Haha..
But still need to buck up in English...

Im now afraid of my Physics and A.Maths result... Veri scared that i failed once more again....My sis says i will fail S.S .... Veri scared also..

Haha... Miss fang didnt come today& Yesterday and we had lots of free time! SO happi that i realli can take a break but tis friday is Bio test!!What to learn????? Dun ask me.

AWAITING for e holidays to come!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh... So tired and stressed up!

Happy birthday Qiu Mei ( Haha... i spelt ur name correctly)>.... Early wishes but i knoe ur birthday is on Sat.,, Thanks to Nad's reminder!THanks.!

Sy Yuan.

And pls tag my blog and e class blog. seems so DEAD.

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