Friday, November 02, 2007

hii.. Finally.. finished this blogskinn!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH!! 100% Spam Free..! I spent like 5 hrs doing this skinn.. pic adapted from blogskin user!! hahaha... so excited .. bt thenn so many lessons and courses to attendd.. remedials alsoo..
hizzzzzzz... sianzzzzzz ahh.. finally this week is gone... bt i slept e whole noon.. serious! haha.. And thenn today bio test for urine ! so disgusting lol.. still got bubbles one! And thenn chem.. crystals are formed!! So sucessfull!!! Bt Fabian and Jia wee's grp best sia! their crystals the most!! So nice!
okk.. pic of crystals beloww.. recieved 2 cheques from adtaggers! I won twice.. which mean total:SGD 2O.!! So happy loll.. first time luck so good..Sms the 8th time on I WEEKLY then got $$10.. not everyone's luck so good 1..:)
Thenn e first time is when i sms e tag on Today Newspaper..
Will take a photo of the cheque and post here laterr..
noww,.... crystals photo.!

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