Sunday, December 09, 2007

hizz.. im back:) long time didnt post liaoxx:)
thenn.. todae sick againn.. few days ago, headache.. now .. stomachee.. bt nvm.. now better liaoo.. now at changi simei cc lolx.. use com free 1:) haha..:) cc so nice liaooxx.. gt Tv, coms , one rounded table for usage of laptops and all upgraded.,,, so so nice!:)Realli realli nice!

time so fastt.., going to start school liao bt hizz.. unpreparedd.. havent study anything yettt..:(haha... well, my blog gotta close soon during march 2008 bvahh.. bt everything will be here bt no updates from march bah:) haha.. okk.. nid to go liaoxx../.:) bt my ads still continue!hahaha:)

these few days rain until so heavilyy so sianzz... then stayed at home to watch tv...., oh yahh.. few days ago, i spent abt a week watching this korean drama!! damn nice sia! MUST WATCH bt i foprget the title liao... its so touching and they act so well! haha... watch till midnight from morning daily last weekkk!!:)
yeahhh.. christmas cuming soon and MERRY XMAS bt i going to BKK soonnn!! haha.. see ya on 28 dec at sch bt i jus reach SIN that dayy,.... hizz.. so sad lolx.:)

bb:) see yahh! enjoy all e facilities on my blog!:) changing blogskinn soon! so do cum weekly or daily :) haha:)

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