Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey there! Our page views have been increasing daily but these few days drop quite a bit! ANyway, thanks to the setting up of the adtaggers page which result more people to come!Yes! Thanks to adtaggers like Hui Ling and Samsuri who contribute to the codes! Thanks alot!

hmm.. I lost my cheque worth about SGD5++ .. But never mind lah, SGD5 can buy 2 bowls of noddles so i dont bother to find lah!:) haha.. because i tried to find but cannot find leh.. so yahh.. lost nvm..:)

Anyway... thanks for the concern from lots of pple because of that incident that day.. Dont feel like mentioning again.. DOnt ruin my mood...

okk.. Thanks for visiting!!!! And contribution too!!!! byee!!!!

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