Sunday, June 01, 2008

Makeover Updates

hey there!
Welcome to the newly designed skin !

We are glad to announce that google is BACK on my blog!!!!!!! Yeahhh!!!!! Just hope that my google pagerank will increase cos its affecting my business... so yahh..

Anyway, ads are displayed more neatly and the overall design looks great right? I know that you will agree with me!:)

this week is pretty busy!! but i will try to enjoy!!!!

hmm.. Its 1ST june already.. time's really fast!! yes... holidays are going to end in 3 WEEKS!!! 3 weeks is pretty fastt so treasure!!!!

Some new changes in policy of website::
*Users will be tracked of their online activities with their IP NO. recorded. This is for safety purposes.
*Links will only be posted if you link to my blog. It will be checked every 3 weeks. If your blog does not link to ours, it will be removed until you link us.
*Lesser ads!!!!! To increase the speed of loading!

okk.. that's all for today! GoodBye!The blog is still updating constantly so do check it again!!!!!!!

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