Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yes! The noose for SEASON 2 is back on CHANNEL 5 Singapore! Catch it on every tuesday at 10pm! Enjoy laughing while you listen to "relevant news!"
Some catchies..:
*Believing us is like believing that char kuey teow is healthy food.
*Snow in singapore at 20°C ? Pls lah hor..
*Tell me what does the grid girls have that we dont have?You know i watch the show and i think that hey.. they are flat chester ... They are flat chester like the credit cards and their faces are like kena larngar by the car at full speed!
* If your school teacher ask you to sing "rain rain go away" , get out of the bloddy school!(NEWEST!)

MORE POOPS coming out soon! Look out for this space!LINK
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