Tuesday, September 16, 2008


the paralympic organised by beijing has started!Sometimes, i feel that though they are physically disabled,they still can achieve their goals and make the country proud. I admired their bravery and their spirit when though they face difficulties, they still find ways to achieve their best. Hence, i feel quite disappointed with myself why me, as a normal human being cant achieve my goals and not to be distracted by things like computers. i am not influence by others, i think between the lines hence some people really believe in what others say but i dont because simply, it requires higher order of thinking and not to believe others so easily.. Have to learn from past experiences and not to be swayed so easily by other thoughts.

For example, my friend A says he did not study for his test but it is simply a bluff. But friend B believes.. This is what we call innocent and requires a higher order of thinking. Obviously, who will get straight As when friend A do not study for his test? It's impossible unless you are in top schools like RI ! But even pupils in RI also need to study!

Anyway, my results are simply BAD! I still cant achieve my goals yet. and still have to push myself HARDER ! Jia You everyone! I went to airport on saturday and i saw lots of teens revising their work with work sewn all over the table and calculators and pencil cases all armed and ready! A question really buzzed past my mind and it is"What am i doing here? Shouldnt have i like them revising work or staying at home to study?" Though exams have just ended, another major 1 is coming and i feel that i should not have waste timee...

And my conclusion is :
1.It does not mean if you study alot , you will get good grades !An example is PUPIL D studies till 3am and slept 3 hours before he goes to school.He sustains his ability through drinking beer ! This should not be the case though because the body needs lots of rest and you will get diabetes,high blood pressure and lots more if you carry on like this!

2.It does not mean that if you have lots and lots of tution, you will get good grades. It's true. Believe me! Though extra help is good!

So, everyone good luck for your exams and yes, All the best!

P.S. Dont forget my birthday ! Its on 19 SEPTEMBER ~!

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