Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yamaha Rhino Rollover

Have you been on a Yamaha Rhino before? Well, if you had been on it, do not ever try it again. Because 555 people including 100 children were killed in accidents involving ATVs !

You may end up with broken legs, particularly in the tibia bones due to the design of the Rhino .

A video featuring Yamaha Rhino accident

So, what is wrong with the design that causes the Rhino to fall so easily?

Firstly, the centre of gravity is raised because it is high-centred.

Secondly, Yamaha Rhino is extremely narrow which will cause it to be unstable.

Thirdly, Yamaha Rhino has small tyres, causing it to topple easily.

Lastly, there are no doors and handholds on the passenger compartment which will cause passengers to lose balance when the Rhino falls.

Despite warnings and advice from the stickers pasted on the Yamaha Rhino , such accidents continue to occur. This is due to the design that causes the Yamaha Rhino to be unstable and topple, and not the user’s inability to operate the Rhino properly.

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