Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hi People.. I'm back from Genting Yesterday AT 9pm.... I took Transtar express at 12PM ... I Spent 4 Days at Genting!! The trip was enjoyable and spent lots of $$... I spent RM69 At 2 days outdoor& Indoor theme park tickets and free admission to RAINFOREST SPLASH POOL!! I love this journey very much and ENJOY a Lot!!!! So happy although i get some sunburn ... It was not so cold there and every morning, there was free breakfast at FIRST WORLD CAFE!! The whole journey took 1 hour to get down from genting to Kulau Lumpur (86 KM)...
I had travelled 500KM From genting to Singapore!! (AMazing rite>>??)
I wanted to vomit 4 times but luckily, NO!! haha... going genting again next week during primary school holidays and Hong kong on next 2 weeks... At genting, I took Cyclone, Spinner(Swing chair),Dinoland ,Super tubberlone, Flying dragon,Boating,Pirate Train , Antique Car, EURO EXPRESS ANd lots more.. I took all the rides at genting ...So Happy .... Hoping that time can travel faster...!! Haha... Going Johor 2MORROW !! Hope u have an enjoyable Holiday..!!\


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