Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hii!!!! feeling better noww..:) thanks to the medicine that e doctor prescribed for me.. read the reader digest(feb 1 ) quite interesting!:) then went to airasia airline website.. damn cheap the airfare.. doing some advertising here haha.. SGD 1.50 for flight from SIN-BKK(Bangkok~!!!!!!!!) siao!!!!:) damn cheapp!!!!! but then cannot go... because not free lehh.. travel from 27 feb-june bah!:) do check e website for more info..

watched tv and slept as usual... then didn't go chinatown as i wanted to because i was sick bahh// gastric painn.. hizz.. sadd... new year won't want to fall sick.. because if sick then cant eat goodies and fried food....

anyway, 2 more hours to new yearr!!!!!!


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