Monday, February 11, 2008

yeahh.. finally getting better!!!!!! so happyy lehh!!!!!!! Bt then still gt test tomorrow .. so stupid 1 got test after CNY? didnt think of us lol.. where got time to study? siaoz 1 .. then so many chapters also.. anyway... finally my gastric pain is awayyy!!!!!!BYE BYE!!!!!!!Thanks to my lymphocytes (Produce antibodies) and phagocytes(feed on bacteria).. haha.. thanks to my bio..:)

CT next week.. but count urself lucky lol.. because other sch have CT tis week lehh.. siaoz 1... :) my ang pao money also very little lehh.. hizz.. sianzz.. anyway.. enjoy e rest of e week... wont blog for next week.. Confirmm:) tomorrow maybe lahh..

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