Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hii!!! finally back.. actually wanted to give up bio 1 but then at the end still study for it... see i so guai!:)haha.. test ok lah.. but i felt so sianz... then today give back chem... i PASS!!!!!!!! yeahh!! 21 people fail... haha.. so happy that i pass... but the marking too strict liaoz... expected an A actually... sad sia..because i got 1.5/5 m For the titration question..

Anyway.. my SBQ also.. 4/12.. haha..:) didnt pass.. bt most of them failed e test bah.. so bo chap lahx... hizz... thenn tomorrow another sianz day.. haha.. new year still goin on... valentine's day coming soonn!!!!!haha.. and total defence also.
ON 15 FEB,12:05PM , there will be a siren or different sounds being played!!!!hehe.. to hear e sounds of different siren: refer to this website:


.. BANGKOK TO AND FRO SIN JUST SGD 1.50(Without taxes) !! siaoz rite? wanted to go but then no time lehh..and inclusive of all taxes... its just 151.00 SGD!! siaoz!!!!! SO CHEAPPP!!!!! faster book cos ends on 17Feb (Booking period) ...



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