Thursday, July 27, 2006

Horrible chaos in class.

Hihi.. Today , I got the SHOCKEST of my whole life. U know what?! When i came up the classroom at 7:10am, I saw the classroom in a horrible mess. I also say fiqah and izzati in the classroom. They also looked shock and i immediately went to on the lights and the whole place was like struck by "TSUNAMI". Pieces of papers crumpled, magazines and papers all over the place.Tables and chairs were overturned and the whole place was chaotic . Fiqah says that she's going to tell Mr.Ow about this incident. However, Mr.Ow did not come to school so we had NO choice but to go to the geography home room(Blk D , level 2) to have our geography lesson. At 9AM sharp, Reany, Nad, Zi hui and me went to look for Mr. Tony and I was the one who told the incident to Mr tony. I also mentioned that It happened 3 times over the last 2 weeks.He was also shocked and we went up together . However, when Mr.Tony went upstairs, the classroom was in clean and sparks. The cleaner cleared away the evidence! AHHHH. .... nvm. Next time if it happens again, i will report immediately to him.
I expect this to happen this month... think so.. anyway, time to have dinner,... byee.

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