Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hihi! So sianzzz LOL! This was what happened yesterday:

Zi Hui called me to go back to sch after I reached home. it's so stressful and tiring for me to go to sch again ( WASTING LOts of time, energy, MONEY). I have to waste $0.45 to bedok, $0.90 going to renay's hse (TO & fro) and $0.45 to simei again. SO I wated $0.45+0.45+0.90 = $1.80!!!!!!! I can buy a pack of medium fries at macdonalds if i had $0.15 .Then , i reached there around 3:45Pm. (SERVE THEM RIGHT).. Cause they didnt inform me earlier so its their own problem. I wasted more money and time.
After interviewing, it's 4:15 Pm. Then , we went to Renay's hse.That BUS.225 Driver does not even know how to operate the bus! OH MY GOD!He's a driver! Better pick up ur skills 1st before driving the bus.
Then we reached Reany's hse at 4:30 pm .... After that, we dragged some time and finally @ 5PM, I went home 1st. (cause i wanna watch HOLLAND VILLAGE) :>
I took bus 9 for 30 mins and reached home on time at 5:35PM! YES!Its time to watch tV
At night, i started doing D&T .. For 2 hours for desiging , searching for pictures.. I asked 6 PEOPLE!(Everyone has different answers and replies).. Then i woke up @ 5:30 Am(Normal : 6am) to do my mindmap and here i'm posting this post.. Haha
Need to go sch liao. Byee.

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