Monday, October 16, 2006

hi pple... Today get back results... So upset of my results.......... Although i got 5As .... cause.. I had lots of careless mistakes in my maths paper... Pei Yun, good Job lar... This time I lose u... Never mind... "wo gen ni ping dao di"!!:> Good for u lar... improve so much in Maths.. Good JOB! Hiz... My chinese also very bad leh.... Especially my Paper 2... Never mind, i gotta work harder...Then, English , few pple fail but later pass. Those same class wif me will know what i mean:> .. Next, for science... I also quite disappointed although i get top for sci.. 'Cause i got lots of careless... Hiz...
Next, for geography, my results are ok lar... Dun wan to mention.

Pls lar people.. don't keep asking how much i got. I am SO IRRITATED. So upset that Xing you criticize my maths results... he say that Miss ho say i do so fast.,.. turn up still lose to him... I get so angry and upset. Never mind, i'm going to "duan jue lai wang". haha. Luckily, my science still win him or else i will get more criticism. Oh my god..... i'm so frustrated.

I feel that there are some kind of intruders entering this blog. ONCE AGAIN, i repeat myself, Please do not leak out ur password and username to anyone.. So this is what i'm going to do... I'm going to change all of your password and username. However, those who didn't tag my blog arr .. the user will be automatically delected.So this applies to u all also.So , i'm going to tell u all ur new pass and user 2morrow or this week lar.
* The new password and username will take place from today, 07:00PM..

To Renay, Natasha, Zi hui , Wee Ting, Camillie & of course nadhirah:
Good luck for what you have done:> School life Is ending soon so may our friendship still continues:>I just wanna wish u all . All the best for what you have done.:>
Hope that you are happy that you have chosen the course that you want or enter the class that you want:>.
ALL THE BEST Forever !!!:>:>:>

Sy Yuan.
Casted here on 16.10.2006, Monday, 07:26PM.

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