Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hi!!I just returned from Johor yesterday night at around 8pm. it's quite fun... I went to Carrefour(Johor) and the wet market. we left at 7am and reached the immigration at 8:34 am. It's quite early so we took a bus (6B ) to the place. The ride was quite bouncy ... And i reached there at 10 Am. Then, i took some photographs and went into the shopping centre. I found that the things sold were quite cheap and we had our lunch there. they sold the Nasi Lemak and chicken rice at only RM 2.50 that is S$1. It is cheap and delicious. Next, we went around shopping and bought lots of things. Then, when we got out of the shopping centre, it was 1:30PM.!! After that, we went to the other side of the place and again, we went into the other shopping centre. The place was so hot and stuffy but it was rather huge. After purchasing all the things, we left at 3:34pm and crossed the 4 -lane road. It was quite dangerous but i managed to cross safely :> . While waiting for the bus to arrive, i started seeing haze and smog at the place. What is haze??? Thanks to Miss Fang, i remembered , Haze is a suspension of smoke and dust particles which affect how far and how clearly we can see!!haha. Besides, the other thing is that i was amazed of what the lazy taxi driver had done . you know what he did? Instead of turning a U Turn at the road junction, he drove the car upwards on the road barrier and crossed to the other lane. everyone at the bus stop was shocked but i felt it amazing 'cause it was the first time i saw this type of taxi driver. Soon after, my bus arrived and we went back to Singapore. we reached the immigration at 4 pm and reached singapore at 5PM. We took SMRT 950 to woodlands and SBS 168 back to tampines and SBS 38 home.! The trip was enjoyable but tiring!!We reached home at 6:30PM and we Finally REACHED!

* Like what i said above, i took some photographs. I will upload it 2morrow. ( 12 oct-'06)

Composition wrote by : SY Yuan.

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