Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hihi.. People.... Today, we went back to have our Listening compre. I feel that it's like a little stupid to go back for 1 1/2 hour and wait for 1 hour for our 1/2 an hr paper... Hiz... After Listening Comprehension, I went to bedok market that is near Shop N save . On the way, when i reached the traffic light near Giant, I saw zheng Qian on the bus. He's so fast.... Oh my god.. I think that he is too kan chiong to go home. Then , he go home also nothing to do.. Read books only what. ! His life So bored ah... Not like mine so fantastic ... Everyday got to go out.! :> Well, on tuesday, i went to johor. Yesterday , i went to Shuang Lin Temple. The place is damn big.. Like palace. I took some photos and went there to offer praying... LOL. I walked around the place for 2 hours .. Soon after, we left the place and saw that there are lots of overhead bridge. I told my mum... " Wow... So many over head bridges ... These residents everyday exercise... CLimbing up and down the bridges... so tired". I was so fortunate that i did not stay there!!! The place is so cramp so the temple is join with the HDB Flats...Then , we took a bus home.

How to go to Shuang lin Temple?
Take Bus 8 From Tampines interchange. 45 Stops from tampines interchange to The place. Cross the bridge to the Hdb Flats. Next, walk to the end .

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