Saturday, June 23, 2007

elo.. Im still down with the stupid and sickening feverr.. Lucky, i still left wif a little bit of hw.. need to rush finish everything 2morrow.. Since thurs, im down wif fever... hizz..
Thurs , i slept damn long and when i woke up, i kena fever.. Yesterday, went JB.. Evening fever .. and today 2 times down wif fever bt no choice , need to go AMK for course as 2day is last day and it costs $23 for each lessonn..

Yeahh.. I finally received my CERT!! for e course.. Im qualified for the qualificationn.. Yeahhh!!:) so happii.. Then, took 88 to sengkang to see my cousin.. Shes like damn tall liao lol but still veri veri cute.. can walk liaoo..

hahaa.okk.. need to go sleep liaoo.. Didnt even study this whole holiday .. dont knoe wat im busy wiff... so sianz and angryy.. i tink i will retain for sec 3 loll.. loll..

okkk.. byeee.. fever returns agaiiinnn......ahhhh..aahhh...:(

And.. I dunno whether im goin back to sch on Monday.. hizzz.. die liaooo.. Fever ....hizzzzzzzzz

Sy Yuan

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