Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hi .. Sy Yuan's here.. Yesterday went to AMK for adobe on course.. It costs $65(3 lessons) lehh.. very ex.. bt no choice.. E lesson veri veri fun and learnt lots of things(ghosy effect alsoo..).. Ended at 1:30Pm and went to AMK Hub to buy lunch..

Then, today rushed all e hw bt cannot finish lehh.. Now findin all the meanings for e words on ..
Well, Camp cumin liao and pple frm melbourne cumin back 2morrow.. Remember to buy things for us ahh.. (X2)!

Added lots of new songs.. Still need to rush physics, Amaths .. yupp..

GOing malaysia again this/ next week lahh..

Ohh yahh.. I just went to melaka on last monday(4TH June) ..

1St day..
*Left hse at 8:30am.. Reached larkin,JB at 10:30am.
*Board KKKL EXPRESS @ 11Am.
*REACHED MELAKA SENTRAL @around 1:30PM.(Veri fast lehh)..
*Check in to Metropole hotel at 2pm.
*Went to walk around at melaka..
*eat at 6pm and went to THE STORE.
* Bought a cake 0.5kg at onli RM 18
*9PM - return to hotel and watch tv.
*10 pm -sleep

*Wake up at 5:30AM
*Watch TV Till 7AM
*Bath and took bus to TAMPIN @8:15-9:15AM.
*went shopping and have breakfast
*Reached afamosa just 4KM away at 11AM.
*took banana bus to AFAMOSA SAFRAI ZOO . Reached at 11:30am
* Go monkey island,watch performances and left at 4pm.
*Reached melaka sentral at 6pm.
*eat &sleep

*Wake up at 6am.
*watch tv
*pack up
*walk around and saw an iguana .!!on the road!
*packed up and went to melaka sentral at 11
*Reached at 11:30
*board KKKL EXPRESS at 12:30pm
*reached JB(LARKIN) AT 3:30PM(only 19 pple on board!)
* Board BUS 170 @4:30PM
*Reached simei at 6:20PM!

hizz.. actually.. most of the time was sleeping and shopping!! haha.. relaxed alot lol..well, ok then.. need to continue to find meaning liaoo.. byee..

Photos will be uploaded soon cos i cant find my digicam cable lahx..:)

Sy Yuan

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