Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hiii.. I'M finally Back!! kk.. well, its a very fun camp but too relaxed liao lahh.. bt at the end of the day, its not bad lahh..Thanks to the F&B , we do not have to cook meals for ourselves and i should say, its VERY VERY delicious!! Must thank me ahh.. i seldom compliment pple 1 horr..

..1st Day ..

-Left home at 7AM.

-Board bus to sch at 7:10 and reach at 7:30AM

-Briefing till 8:30am

-Sec 1,2 cum up for briefing.

-Official opening at 9am.

-Clear up of bunks at 9:30

-Ice breakers and gamess...



-Mass games

- camp fire preparationn..


- Night Walk

- Debrief


-Sleep at 2:30am

..2Nd Day ..

-Wake up at 6Am

-PT till 7-8am


-set off for sentosa at 10:30am

-Reached at 11:05am

-Entered at 11:30am.

-Went back at 4:00pm

-Camp Fire
-Sleep at 2AM

..3RD day..
-Wake up at 6 am.
-Breakfast at 8AM
-Debrief at 9am
-Went home at 10:30AM

hizz.. Its a very very short camp but very tiring.. Now got sorethroat and slight fever .. tink cos becos of e campp..

And our school is damn budget lorr.. Got short circuit then slept e whole night without fans and lights.. ahhhhhh.. Its so damn hot lol..

Amazing race at sentosa... VERY FUN AND changed alot lol.. Hope to go againn..

Slept today from 12-6pm.. I am a long sleeper so cannot blame me for the long sleepp..

okk.. byeee..

Photos will be up on sundayy..:>

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