Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yesterday left my house at 10:10am and reached at school at 10:30am /. Thanks for all ur concerns bt seriously, i didnt get enough sleep on Tues's night cso of the incident below and so end up with giddiness and headache . Then physics lesson didnt understand anything. Just dream and talk all e way!:)

Today didnt go 2 sch.. Miss lots of lesson bt i slept frm last nite 8:00pm to Today 7:00AM .. then eat breakfast and sleep again From 10-1pm .. Got headache, slight fever, flu, sore throat and i feel very very sleepy....Finally can get some sleep today!:) sleep very very well!Then , didnt do anything 2day.. hizz.. sighh.. Thenn, now bloggingg.. feel better and think i can go to sch 2morrow..

Thanks to: Elaine,Nad,Chloe,Miss Neo,Joc,TIffany for all ur consoless..
Thanks to: Qiu Mei , tiff and ting huan and many others for all ur concerns!:)

And of course, thanks TIFFANY for being a great listener cos i repeat e incident for abt 5 TIMES and she feels so sianz abt it.. Sorry bt i feel better after i tell u everythingg...

okk. better go sleep liaoxx.. bb!:) see ya!

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