Friday, August 03, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 11:How do you celebrate/spend National Day every year?

For every year on the 9 AUGUST 2007, Singapore celebrates her Birthday. And this year as usual, Singapore is celebrating her 42 TH Birthday on 9 AUGUST which is the day which i am always looking forward to every year!Since 1965 where singapore gained its independence, singapore starts to celebrate her birthday every year on 9 August .Singapore has progressed
termendously over the years and now, we are a modern and advanced country !

Singapore is also the country which has the 4 different races(Eurasian, Chinese, Malay, Tamil!).!

So every year on 9 august, i would put up the national flag around august and starts listening to the yearly national day songs!It's a great pleasure to listen to the songs and i really enjoy the songs and the videos promoting the song!For this year, the song is Will you and There's No Place I'd Rather Be!I have already learnt the lyrics and really love the song and especially the lyrics of the song which are very very meaningful!:)

I would also eballot the NDP tickets online yearly but failed to get the tickets to the NDP Parade. Disappointed that i cant celebrate the nation's birthday LIVE at the stadium,I would just sit in front of the television and watch the whole parade.
Last year was at Kallang stadium(National stadium) and this year is a very very special holding venue.It's on the platform floating on water and it is very exciting. Usually, I would start watching the NDP parade with my family memebers from 5 :30 pm which is the opening cermony of the Parade and soon after, as usually , the KALLANG WAVE!It's very fun to stand up and down with the crowd which forms a wave!:)

Soon after, there will be lots of performances like army,police marching and together with the different Associations (Like P.A.) marching with the flags flying high in the air!Next, there will be a singing of national anthemn and the planes together with the parachuters!

Soon after, there will be lots of performances in the dark and singing of theme songs!And finally, the FIREWORKS Performances which is glorious and very nice Which lasts for 3 Mins!:)

I would also sometimes take the opportunity to go to the shopping centres and CC where they provide a LIVE TELECAST of the national day parade!It's good and enjoyable to sit with the crowd and celebrate the nation's birthdae together with all the singaporeans and together with the lively atmosphere, it's most enjoyable and happiest event that i would attend!

It is also happy to see smiles on the performers and the people celebrating the nation's birthday!

And, I hope that i can get the NDP Funpacks this year because I havent received any fun packs since im P5.!!Have fun celebrating SINGAPORE'S 42TH bithdae!:)I love Singapore!!!!!!:) I wish Singapore a happy 42TH BIRTHDAE!

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Sy Yuan

Happy NATIONAL DAY,SINGAPORE!!!!!:)9 AUGUST !!Cuming soon!

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