Monday, August 13, 2007

i really feel very very angry while thinking of the incident that happened today so i cant concentrate on my work !

I really hope that you can read on although it is a little too long.. sorryy.. okk..

Actually, 3 weeks ago, glenn siow and me wanted to redo the proj and we want to redo into ppt form. Then, i even ask vui chee,marcus and malcolm whether they wan to redo. So all these while, we have been discussing in front of them and i even ask vui chee, marcus and malcolm whether they want to redo their vanguard sheet. Then , they say that they wont want to redo again.
But today, when vui chee is following glenn siow to the geo room, he actually met up with me and we told him that we are here to present the project. Then, u know what he said? He SAID THAT HE WANT TO JOIN OUR GROUP! I was very very angry and quite shocked of what he said.Because, he didnt even contribute to anything of the ppt in the first place, and secondly,he told us last minute that he wants to join our group. He says that he will present and we will just sit there and listen. I Disagree!Glenn siow kept pleading me to allow him to join into our group.And, i disagree. Then after which when i present finish, glenn actually ask me if ms fang can give vui chee some marks just because he does some of things. Actually, it's a lie.

Like i say , vui chee is glenn's best friend and vui chee will be angry if gleen siow dont help him to persuade me of allowing him to join into our group. So , he lied that he did contribute some of the ideas. vui chee didnt even contibute anything to the project. i am not biased or backstabbing anyone but it's a fact and it's the truth. My attitude is like that, anyone who doesnt do anything or is a slacker, i will tell the in-charge and make sure that he wont get away so easily. (BT TOO bad if u are a slacker too)! so dont join my group if u are one cos u will kena 1.And then,back to the topic, when i go out of the class,vui chee and glenn were waiting for me. You know why? Glenn ask me one question:" Do you mind about the marks that i give to vui chee?" . Of course, to prevent any trouble , i say no.. But actually, deep in my heart, I AM VERY VERY ANGRY.... FRUSTRATION!!

I do...
Slide template
Slide animations
Inserting pictures.
Slide 1-5
Slide 10(Scattergraph), 13,14,15,16,17,18.
All the wordart and the font colours are all done by me.

Glenn do..
Slide 6,7,8,9,11,12 only
.He just insert into microsoft word and just says he is busy then leave everything to me to convert everything to ppt form.

I was actually very angry when he does that and i spent almost 10 hours working on this project.I put everything aside even my holiday homework to do this project .Last saturday and yesterday, i do the powerpoint until 1am . It was because of the marks. i am not asking for credit or anything lah bt its the truth . Imagine that if you have a group mate and he last minute tells you that he wants to join your group or he is a slacker and gets the same mark that you do, what will you feel? Of course, anger right?

And hope that u understand the things that i experience if u r in my position!

kk.. realli need to go liaoxx.. type for the past hour!TAG TO tell me what i shld doo..!!Thanks!

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