Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blog Battle Topic for Week 7:What is your most Singaporean trait?

Adapted from http://www.ndp.org.sg/ !:)

"It's time we acknowledged that we can be endlessly endearing. ";" We are softies deep down ";"We speak funny";"We’re practical to a fault";"We are competitive in a good way";"We live on hope and a prayer" .. Do these above seems familiar to u? Hope they do!:)

My Most singaporean Triat is actually"We are competitive in a good way".

Because,Singapore actually wants to acheive its best by wining lots of award .An example is the World Airport award where singapore is always on the top 3 List. Changi Airport has achieved 250 Awards and is recognised as one of the best airports in the world. Changi Airport operates 80 airlines serving more than 180 cities in over 50 countries, Changi Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. When Terminal 3 begins operations in 2008, Changi Airport will have an annual handling capacity of more than 64 million passengers.Thus, because of competition from other countries, Changi airport has been upgraded a few times to meet the standard and to attract tourists ! Similary, Changi Airport is now converting into an education and shopping district which will attract more tourists . Together with the hugh numbers of resturants avaliable in Changi Airport, it is the one of the best airport in the world.

Secondly,due to compeition from other countries,Singapore decided to build IR(Intergrated Resorts) at Marina Bay and Sentosa.This will again attract more tourists to come to Singapore to visit this clean and green country.

Thirdly,Singapore keeps emphasis on litter free and having people to be fined when they litter. This is to keep the country clean and to give tourists a good image of singapore.

Fourly, Singapore has also achieved various awards like"Best Airport”, “Busiest Port”, “World’s Most Global City” , which is also part of a compeition towards other countries.

We are also the least corupted country in Asia and also a racial harmony country where 4 different races(Eurasian,Chinese,Malay,Tamil) live together with peace and harmony.

Lastly,We also always upgrade our transportation systems and is so convenient to travel from place to place. (I.E. when we want to go to Jurong from Pasir Ris, We just have to take an Hour train to travel to out destination !)Transportation like Taxis ,Buses,MRT(Mass Rapid Transit) are convenient transports that we can travel around Singapore!

And of course, above are all in a good way , not a bad way and this will actually encourages us to excel further. For example, we have to study ahrd to acheive better grades!This is some sort of encouragement that we have to give to one another in order to do better!:)

Sy Yuan

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