Friday, July 06, 2007

Hii.. Finally.. It's cuming t e end of the week... yeahhhhh.. End of stress bt got 2 projects cumin alongg.. so stress... 2morrow still need to go get award..
2day damn funny.. Got one ant crawling on joy's uniform collar . We told her and fab saw tt too.. cos she cant see so i use my finger to try to make it fall off of joy's collar.. bt it crawled inside her uniformm.. Fab and I laughed until like siaoo.. (Im now laughin too.. Cant control my laughter) Then .. it went out.. haha..

Okk.. need to eat dinner liaox... And zi hui, I have completed ur blogskin.. Will send to u noww..

Then class blog is .dead. so will change skin soonn.. For e last time..

And I lost my bottle againn.. hizz.. hopeless lahx..:)
Sy Yuan

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